Alchemy Stars Best Teams by Attribute (August 2023)

On this page, you can find out which are the best teams for each attribute in Alchemy Stars. If you are a new or a returning player, this will give you a pretty good idea about the current state of the game. Additionally, you can also take a look at our complete Alchemy Stars Aurorians tier list.

Let’s get right into it.

Water Attribute

Alchemy Stars Best Teams Water Element

Sharona is a decent replacement for Regal if you are missing him. Also, in case you don’t really need recovery, you can replace Philishy with another Aurorian that can bring utility and add damage to the team like Chloe for example, or Hydrad, But there are more options. The truth is there’s a plethora of choices for the Water team. Check out our Alchemy Stars tier list to see which are the best Aurorians in the current meta.

Fire Attribute

Alchemy Stars Best Teams Fire Element

We are going with Sinsa as our Captain because of his ability to debuff the enemies defenses. Putting him in the front of the formation is the best way for the other Aurorians to benefit from it. There are alternatives to this formation, and you can use even lower rarity characters. For example, Tiny One can be a decent choice as a converter. There’s Rinne is also great if you don’t need to move around much in a particular stage. Faust can be another choice for a converter if you are missing some of the other Aurorians. If you don’t need sustain, then Novio can easily be replaced.

Alchemy Stars Best Teams – Thunder Attribute

Alchemy Stars Best Teams Thunder Element

In the absence of Requiem, who’s the standard choice, Michael or Reinhardt, are good options as an alternative Captain. Revy is also a solid choice for the slot. Nemesis is also good recruitment for the Thunder formation if you have her at maximum breakthrough. Her active skill is excellent. Some other options come down to stage specifics. For example, if you don’t need healing, it would make sense to replace Axelia. If you don’t have Axelia you can opt for another healer, for example Roy.

Alchemy Stars Best Teams – Forest Attribute

Alchemy Stars Best Teams Forest Element

Hiiro of course occupies the Captain slot in Forest formations. Goldie or Minos can be some other choices for the slot. There’s a plethora of other options for the other slots. Obviously, if you don’t need healing, you can place a DPS Aurorian instead. Forest has no shortage of capable Aurorians.

These are our Alchemy Stars best teams. Future patches and character releases might very well bring changes in the meta. We will try to keep our tables up to date, so make sure to check back on this page from time to time.

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