Alchemy Stars Tier List | The Best Characters (August 2023)

If you’re looking for an updated Alchemy Stars tier list, we’ve got you covered. Below you can find a list of all the best Aurorians in Alchemy stars. All the characters are organized by tier, so you can choose the best ones according to the attribute.

We have divided the tier list into 4 separate categories based on each character’s trait. You can use the quick links below to check out the specific element tier list.

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How are the characters ranked

Depending on how well a character is doing in the current patch, they receive a rank. Keep in mind, this Alchemy Star tier list will reflect how well a character is doing in a specific team, with optimal/upgraded equipment and max breakthrough.

Of course, you can let us know in the comments if something is not clear, and we’ll follow up with an explanation where necessary. Let’s get into our Alchemy Stars tier list!

NOTE: Putting together high-tier Aurorians doesn’t necessarily result in a great team. Even lower-ranked units can be very helpful as they offer the balance a team needs. Synergies between certain units were taken into consideration.

Alchemy Stars Tier List – Thunder Aurorians

Alchemy Stars Tier List Thunder Aurorians
SSS Requiem, Florine, Reinhardt, Leyn, Irridon, Pollux, Yingel
SS Michael, QUEEN, Axella, Gronru, Beverly, Nemesis, Ciel, Amemori
S Revy, Luke, Anemori, Schwartz, Roy, Tessa
A Wrath, Eve, Vivian, Dayna, Pittman, Sanae, Kya, Nadine, Bopper
B Kanna, Erica, Rabbie, Kafka, Hachi & Gin, Ansia, Unimet
CKeating, Bonacie, Sadie, Lilliam, Eho, Mia
DAmy, Angel

Alchemy Stars – Forest Aurorians

Alchemy Stars Tier List Forest Aurorians
SSSHiiro, Paloma, Goldie, Jeriah, Gabriel, Hedy, Siobhan
SS Migard, Minos, Leo, Joshua, Areia, Naroxel, Nikinis, Sikare, Brandy
S Mythos, Barton (Deft Blades), Jeno, Louisa, Odi, Lucoa, Pact
A Beryl, Yao, Lenore, Lola, Cuscuta, Uriah, Wendy, Pasolo
B Ophina, Lester, Sylva, Anatoli, Casta, Robyn
C MONA, Jola, May, Dawn
DDove, Clover, Leah, Jomu

Alchemy Stars – Water Aurorians

Alchemy Stars Tier List Water Aurorians

SSSCarleen, Bethlehem, Azure, Cena
SS Connolly, Sharona, Regal, Bethel, Nina, Philyshy, Sariel, Ruby, Tina, Kleken, Barton
S Fleur, Fia, Chloe, Corax, Ms. Blanc (Pura Cordis), Noah, Hydrad
A Raphael, Vice (Keen Sight), Vic, Mu Yuebai, Vice, Baretta, Kuma & Pengy
B Allura, Elma, Constantine, Jane, Michenny, Ms. Blanc
C Kayano, FOX, Rainbow, Kristen, Zoya, Fafnir, Tweety
DWhite Dwarf, Judge Jr, Korgon, Seleucid

Alchemy Stars Tier List Fire Aurorians

Alchemy Stars Tier List – Fire Aurorians

SSSCarleen (Smoldering Soul), Eicy
SSCharon, Sinsa, Smokey, Novio, Lilica, Hati, Maggie, Rinne, Maggie, Matthieu, Lorelei
SFrostfire, Giles, Rinne, Istvan, Regina, Jakine, Brock, Genevieve, Faust
ALeona, Jona, Gram, Tohru, JOKER, Victoria, Zhong Xu, Nails, Leona, Liqing, Benny & Curo
BTaki, Rouge, Patty & Patsy, Chandra, Alice, Tiny One, Joanie Boom
CPepi, VIOLET, Momo & Anzu, Cordy
DChainsaw Rick, Sork & Bekk

Do you agree with our rankings? Let us know in the comments below! We are doing our best to keep it updated, and to deliver the most accurate information.

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