[UPDATED] Alchemy Stars Tier List | The Best Aurorians (September 2022)

If you’re looking for an updated Alchemy Stars tier list, we’ve got you covered. Below you can find a list of all the best Aurorians in Alchemy stars, organized by tier, so you can choose the best ones according to the attribute. So, if you’re trying to add a powerful unit to your team, you can check how well it’s doing down below.

We have divided the tier list into 4 separate categories based on each character’s trait, so you can use the quick links below to check out the specific element tier list. Additionally, we have added some important notes to each category to help you better understand why a character is placed in their respective tier.

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How are characters ranked?

Depending on how well a character is doing in the current patch, they receive a rank. After some trial and testing, the character is placed into a tier. Keep in mind, this AS tier list will reflect how well a character is doing in a specific team, with optimal/updated equipment and max breakthrough.

You can let us know in the comments if something is not clear, and we’ll follow up with an explanation where necessary. Without further ado, let’s check out the Alchemy Stars tier list!

NOTE: Putting together high tier Aurorians doesn’t necessarily result in a great team. Even lower ranked units can be very helpful as they offer the balance a team needs. Synergies between certain units were taken into consideration.

Alchemy Stars Tier List – Thunder Aurorians

These characters’ main strength is not their individual prowess, but their overall well-balanced traits. None of these units excel at something in particular, and putting together a good team can be done solely by choosing the right units.

SS TierRequiem (SSS), Irridon (SSS), Florine (SSS) 
, Revy, Luke
Anemori, Reinhardt, Gronru
Beverly, Nemesis, Ciel
S TierEve, Queen, Schwartz,
Dayna, Roy, Sanae
Tessa, Nadine
A TierVivian, Pittman, Erica,
Rabbie, Unimet, Ansia
B TierWrath, Kanna, Mia,
Keating, Lilliam, Kafka, Eho,
Hachi & Gin, Bonacie
C TierAmy, Angel

Alchemy Stars Tier List – Forest Aurorians

The main strength of Forest Aurorians is their movement skills. Because of that, they can be moved around the battlefield, which is a skill that benefits seasoned players. It’s not a recommended team for complete beginners, since it’s quite difficult to adjust to their play style. However, once you understand how to properly use this to your advantage, it is extremely rewarding.

SS TierHiiro (SSS), Gabriel (SSS), Hedy (SSS)
Migard, Mythos, Paloma
Barton, Areia, Nikinis
Siobhan, Sikare
S TierYao, Lenore, Jeno
Louise, Odi, Naroxel
Lola, Lucoa, Uriah
Pact, Pasolo
A TierBeryl, Robyn, Lester
Wendy, Jola, Ophina
B TierCuscuta, Dawn, Sylva,
C TierClover, Leah, Jomu

Alchemy Stars Tier List – Water Aurorians

This is the ideal f2p team since the game rewards the player with 3 decent Water units at the start. They are well-rounded units, can be either ranged or melee depending on the leader, which allows for two different approaches. It’s an easy-to-play team that many beginners lean towards.

SS TierAzure (SSS), Carleen (SSS), Bethlehem (SSS)
Sharona, Regal, Bethel
Philyshy, Kleken, Barton
S TierRaphael, Connolly, Fleur
Vice (Keen Sight), Nina, Fia
Corax, Hydrad, Noah
Vice, Chloe
A TierElma, Kuma & Pengy, Constantine
Jane, Michenny, Ms. Blanc
B TierAllura, Kayano, Fox
Rainbow, Tweety, Zoya
C TierWhite Dwarf, Seleucid, Korgon

Alchemy Stars Tier List – Fire Aurorians

The Fire team is a team with a lot of potential, and the units belonging to this element have probably the most damage in the game. They mostly lack utility, so making it work will take a lot of time and resources, especially for a f2p player. With the addition of Genevieve, the team has a lot more potential given her versatile kit.

SS TierCharon, Gram, Novio
Eicy, Sinsa, Faust
S TierVictoria, Giles, Tohru
Joker, Brock, Nail
Rinne, Carleen
A TierJona, Frostfire, Smokey
Leona, Istvan, Geneviene
Rouge, Patty & Patsy, Uriel
Maggie, Joannie Boom, Tiny One
B TierBenny and Curro, Regina, Taki
Cordy, Momo & Anzu, Violet
Chandra, Alice, Pepi
C TierSork & Bekk, Chainsaw Rick

Do you agree with our Alchemy Stars tier list? Let us know down in the comments below! We are doing our best to keep it updated, and to deliver the most accurate information.

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