Best Upcoming Android Games (Autumn 2022)

If you want to try out something new on your Android device, but you are not sure which games are worth your time, here are some ideas for you! These games are among the latest releases on Google Play Store. Check them out!

One Punch Man – The Strongest

This is a One Punch Man game that faithfully follows the original setting, and you can experience the hero’s epic battles like you would from the original series. It’s recommended for the fans of the popular franchise and not only.

Join forces with Saitama, the strongest hero. Face extraordinary battles and villains that appeared in the original story. You must assemble various heroes and villains to form your own elite team. Through thorough strategy thinking and the combination of unique characters and special skills, you can dominate the battlefield.

Saitama, Genos, Terrible Tornado, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, Boros, each with their exclusive skills and costumes, there’s so much for you to discover.

You can check out the game’s Official Facebook Page as well as the Official Website.

Download the game from Google Play Store!

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Welcome to the academic program at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Of course, Harry Potter is a franchise that needs no introduction, with millions of fans around the world. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened invites you to begin your magical journey.

Step into a magical world as a first-year student. Learn how to cast spells as you meet your new classmates and make friends along the way. The game features characters from the original series!

The game combines role-playing (RPG) and card game-like elements. Fast-paced wizard battles with all the popular spells from the movies and more await for you!

Download the game from Google Play Store!

The Division Resurgence

The Division Resurgence offers an all-new and standalone campaign from Tom Clancy’s The Division 1 and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, offering a fresh perspective on key story events. It takes place in modern post-crisis America, where a viral outbreak has caused chaos and government collapse. As an agent of the Strategic Home Division, your job is to restore order, protect civilians from enemy groups and help them build a better future.

The controls and user interface are specially tailored to ensure a smooth user experience on mobile devices. Enjoy a new take on the acclaimed Third-Person Shooter role-playing game and original game modes in an open urban world.

Download the game from Google Play Store!

If you tried out one of these games, tell us what you think! Of course, If you have any other game recommendations, let us know in the comment section down below!

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