Black Clover M Tier List (August 2023)

Welcome to our Black Clover M tier list! Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the Black Clover series, or just recently discovered it, this article is here to guide you through the plethora of characters and their power levels.

Of course, as is the case with every tier list, everyone has their own personal opinions and preferences. The goal of this guide isn’t to show an absolute tier list that everyone is going to agree with, but mostly to give a sense of the current meta to new and returning players. Especially as a free-to-play player, it’s important to know which characters are worth investing your resources in.

With that said, we have analyzed and evaluated each character’s abilities, potential, and impact in battles in order to develop this tier list. But, keep in mind in Black Clover, synergies also play an important role. So no matter how strong a character might be, you still need to surround them with the proper team.

Also, some characters might be more suitable for certain types of content than others (for example PvP vs PvE). That is something that we obviously had to take into consideration before we come up with our final rankings. For your convenience, we’ve decided to sort the characters by their type.

With that out of the way, let’s get into our Black Clover tier list.

Black Clover M Tier List – Power

Noelle Silva (Swimsuit S2)AttackerSSR S+++
Yami SukehiroAttackerSSRS++
Asta (Clover Academy S1)AttackerSSRS+
Charlotte RoseleiDebuffSSRS+
Finral RoulacaseSupportSRS
Noelle SilvaSupportSRA-
Leopold VermillionAttackerSSRA+
Mimosa VermillionHealerSRA-
Shiren TiumDebuffSRB-
Magna SwingDebuffSRB-
LillyHealer RC
The latest Noelle variant is clearly the strongest unit in the game, at least for now. Maybe the next newest character will take her place as power creep is real in gacha games. But, as of right now, Noelle is a beast in terms of PvE as well as PvP. Yami is clearly the second-strongest character overall. Characters that are ranked in B tier or lower should be avoided if possible. Or, you can use them in the early game if you have to, but make sure to switch to a better character once you have the chance to do so.

Black Clover M Tier List – Technique

William VangeanceSupportSSRS++
Lotus WhomaltDebuffSSRS++
Gauche Adlai (Swimsuit)SupportSSRS+
Yami Sukihiro (Clover Academy)AttackerSSRS
Jack the RipperAttackerSSRS-
Gauche AdlaiAttackerSRA-
Nozel SilvaDebuffSSRA-
Charmy PappitsonHealerSRA-
Sol MarronDefenderSRA-
Solid SilvaAttackerSRB
Luck VoltiaAttackerSRB-
Heath GriceDebuffSRC
Gordon AgrippaDebuffRC
Sekke BronzazzaDefenderRC
Revchi SalikDefenderRC
Salim de HapshassAttacker RC
Technique characters excel in fights against Power types, but they are weak against Sense ones. Mars, Fana, William, and Lotus are clearly the strongest Technique characters. If you are familiar with the manga/anime storyline, that won’t surprise you. Nozel Silva being ranked that low is surprising but currently, he just doesn’t perform as you would expect him to. Similar to what we said above for the Power types, characters that are ranked B or lower, should be generally avoided. Use them if you don’t have any better options.

Black Clover M Tier List – Sense

Rades SpiritoDefenderSSRS++
Mimosa (Clover Academy S1)HealerSSRS++
Yuno (Swimsuit S2)DebuffSSRS
Rill BoismortierDebuffSSRS
Fuegoleon VermillionAttackerSSRS
Vanessa EnotecaSupportSRA-
Nebra SilvaDebuffSRB-
Alecdora SandlerAttackerSRC
Marx FrancoisSupportRC
Klaus Lunettes DefenderR

Sense type of characters are especially strong against Technique ones, but they suffer when they are facing Power types. When it comes to our evaluation, Valtos’ performance in PvP is what stands out. That’s why we had to give him A+ overall. Also, in terms of PvE, he isn’t bad. If you consider the fact that we are talking about an SR character, maybe it’s worth having him on your roster.

That’s everything we have at the moment for our Black Clover M tier list. Keep in mind that future game updates might bring changes to the meta by either buffing or nerfing existing units. Also, the release of new upcoming units might very well change our rankings. So, make sure to check back on this page to get the latest Black Clover M tier list rankings! If you are enjoying this type of game, check out our “10 Best Gacha Games to Play for Android” list!

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