Exoprimal Tier List | All Exosuits Ranked

Have you ever wondered which are some of the best characters in Exoprimal? Don’t think too hard, because there is no correct answer. And while we have a complete Exoprimal tier list, it’s all up to the player’s interpretation and the team’s needs, so take this guide with a grain of salt.

A game like no other, Exoprimal manages to combine smooth, fluid gameplay, with exciting action and suit swapping at will, allowing players complete freedom of play from every single point of view. It’s not something we’ve encountered before, and this comes as a very welcome change admittedly.

Still, you want to know what each character is good at and where exactly they rank, so here’s the Exoprimal tier list you’ve been waiting for!

Exoprimal Tier List – All Exosuits Ranked

At the moment these are all the Exosuits in the game. We’ve ranked them down here, and for a complete character breakdown, scroll all the way down to read about each individual one.

SBarrage, Deadeye, Murasame, Roadblock, Witchdoctor
ANimbus, Skywave, Zephyr
BKrieger, Vigilant

Note: It’s important to note that all of the characters can be considered S+ tier when played by a skilled, experienced player – in other words, in the right hands any character can be considered God-tier. The game is all about skill and synergy, and when these two elements meet each other, a character can pretty much single-handedly make your break a game.

Exoprimal character breakdown

S Tier – Barrage, Deadeye, Murasame, Roadblock, Witchdoctor


Barrage deals massive area damage with his grenades and overall splash damage from his crossbow. Is a great character for close-to-mid-range combat, and can work extremely well against bigger groups of enemies, both PvE and PvP.


An outstanding character for mid-to-long-range battles, once you obtain the cooldown module he becomes a beast. Is generally easy-to-play and super fun as well! Deadeye can feel slightly better in PvE than PvP, unless you know exactly his powers.


While Murasame is categorized as a Tank, he does amazing damage. He has a shield that he can use for counterattacks, and even if he’s a short-ranged unit, he’s swift and deadly. He feels more like a Fighter than a Tank.


Roadblock is a massive character that can cast a shield that protects allies, and move with it. He can be a great opener if he manages to get close enough. He provides short-ranged crowd control that can completely disrupt the enemy team.


Witchdoctor can create an area that causes heals, as well as other independent heals. Is probably the best Support/Healer in the Exoprimal. Next to the healing capabilities, the damaging and crowd control abilities he has are also great.

A Tier – Nimbus, Skywave, Zephyr


Nimbus is a Support character that can switch between healing guns and damage guns. She can revive allies and she is able to keep them alive as well, and can be both a support and a damage dealer in the right hands.


Thanks to her aerial skill Slipstream she can hover above the arena, thus gaining a better view of the battlefield and the allies, making it easier to heal her teammates. She’s also a great damage dealer, although not a dedicated one.


The absolute best Exosuit for PvE, especially if you like close combat and being in the middle of the action. Although Zephyr doesn’t have a lot of defensive capabilities (is an Assault character), his damage more than makes up for it, and if paired with a good healer, he can wreak havoc.

B Tier – Krieger, Vigilant


Krieger is a tank that can also deal generally good damage. He can be a good unit when the team needs a tank with a little bit of damage and a shield, as well as crowd control.


Vigilant has an extremely long range, which, when used accordingly, can turn the tide of battle. This Exosuit works well in PvP as well as PvE, but most prefer it for its PvP sniping capabilities.

C Tier – Exosuit

Exosuit (Pilot)

This is the default character, and typically if you want to play it, you will be equipped with an Exosuit. It’s not an extraordinary character – it has an assault rifle, and that’s about it.

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