[UPDATED] Roblox Birdkeepers Codes (September 2022)

Looking for some Roblox Birdkeepers codes? Below you’ll find all of the active redeem codes for the game.

Birdkeepers! by Beekeepers Official developing group is an all-genre game on Roblox. It was created on May 19th, and it just received an update on the 29th of June.

Active codes for Birdkeepers

  • supertreats – Reward: boosts
  • pro – Reward: 1 Almond Avenue Boost
  • ExoticExoticExotic – Reward: Seed Boost
  • happyhundredthousand – Reward: 1 Canary Campus boost, $1,000
  • EXCALIBUR – Reward: 1 Sunflower Seashore boost, 1 Peanut Place boost, 1 Carrot City boost, 1 Noob Boost, $50,000, 1 Rare Treat, 1 Legendary Treat
  • Release – Reward: Noob Boost, $250, 3 Common Treats
  • Macadamia – Reward: Fruit Boost, $350, 3 Common Treats
  • thnxforplaying – Reward: Noob Boost, Fruit Boost, $350, 3 Common Treats, 1 Rare Treat
  • SuperMumazing – Reward: Seed Boost, $1000, 3 Common Treats, 1 Rare Treat
  • Sneakuspeekus – Reward: Seed Boost
  • nooberbird (the code only works if you have the starter pack)
  • fixstarterpack (the code only works if you have the starter pack)

Birdkeepers expired codes

  • There are no expired codes at the moment

How to redeem the game codes?

First Step: Click on the Settings button on the left side of the screen.
Second Step: Type in your code and confirm by pressing the “Redeem” button.
Third Step: Enjoy your rewards!

How to get new game codes in the future

Roblox developers issue new game codes via their social media usually. In order to receive the latest news about Birdkeepers you can click on the links to follow Beekeepers Official developers on Twitter or join their Discord server. However, you can always check back on this page as we will update our lists whenever a new code is available.

If you are an avid Roblox gamer and you looking for some more game codes then make sure to check our Roblox Games Code list by following this link.

Do you know any additional Roblox Strongman Simulator codes or have we missed any? Let us know down below and we’ll update the list!

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