How to get the Roar emote in Lost Ark

Eager to learn how to get the roar emote in Lost Ark? This article will give you all the information you need in order to unlock it!

In order to get the Roar emote in Lost Ark, just like it was the case with the Cute emote, then you must be ready for a journey since you have to travel to Freedom Isle. The Roar emote is only available for purchase from the NPC called Blackfang, and it costs 3360 Gienah’s Coins.

The Roar emote looks terrific with the new animal skins released in Lost Ark, so you might want to consider obtaining it just for bragging right if nothing else! 

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Lost Ark: how to get the ‘Roar emote’

Follow the steps below to get this fiesty ‘roar’ emote:

  1. Head over to Freedom Isle (see the image below) and make sure you have 3,360 Gienah’s Coins on you.
  2. Find the NPC named Blackfang [Exchange].
  3. Check the items she’s selling, and you’ll find the emote there.

Alongside the ‘Roar’ emote, Blackfang also sells a bunch more items:

  • Emote: Taunt – 3360 Gienah’s Coin
  • Emote: Roar – 3360 Gienah’s Coin
  • 8th Giant’s Heart – 4000 Gianah’s Coin
  • Sail Glyph: Honor – 500 Gienah’s Coin
Note: You might want to consider bringing enough currency for all of them, which is 11220 Gienah's Coins. 

That’s it! Pretty simple, right? You can now enjoy and show off this emote, or use it to increase the Rapport with your favorite NPCs!

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