How to play Revived Witch on PC

In the world of Revived Witch, players take upon the role of a young witch who just woke up without her memories. As she’s trying to regain them, she embarks on a journey that will make her face her destiny. There are many enemies standing in her way, but she will also meet friends who can help her in this adventure.

This adventure role-playing game (RPG), combines 2D dynamic pixel art with 3D lightning, features a plethora of characters, various modes, and it’s available for Android devices on Google Play Store.

Now what happens if you don’t have an Android device? Maybe you have an iOS or no phone at all, or, you just want to save your mobile’s battery. Whatever the case might be, you can still play and enjoy this game by simply installing an emulator on your PC.

In this article, we will show you exactly how you can do that.

Installing an Emulator

Two of the most popular Android emulators for PC are LDPlayer, and of course, Bluestacks. We’ve tested the game on both and, we have to say that there’s a clear difference when it comes to performance between these two emulators.

Even though the game is playable on LDPlayer, we’ve dealt with many frame drop issues and that’s something many players complained about. On the other hand, the game ran smoothly on Bluestacks 5 (Nougat 64-bit version). Of course, that’s just our personal experience and, you are free to try any emulator that you want.

With that being said, below we will describe the process of playing Revived Witch on Bluestacks 5 step by step:

  • First thing’s first, you need to download Bluestacks 5. Make sure to select the Nougat 64-bit version.
  • The next step is to install Bluestacks, the process is easy and very straight-forward, you shouldn’t have any issues with that.
  • Once you’ve installed the emulator, now it’s time to install the game. Open Google Play Store (you will have to sign in), search for Revived Witch and install it.

Once the installation is over, you should see a Revived Witch shortcut on your desktop. Just click on it and your game should start.

If you have any issues following the process we’ve described, or there’s something that you would like to ask, let us know in the comment section down below.

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