Soul Knight Prequel Codes (February 2024)

Find out the latest Soul Knight Prequel codes and claim every possible reward! Every player, new or vet, could use a little extra something to help them out in their adventure. Anything from skins, special potions, golds, and more can be claimed by redeeming the codes you’ll find below!

Soul Knight Prequel Codes

  • YULEBALL (Latest code!)
  • 2024NEWYEAR

Soul Knight Prequel Codes (Expired)

  • XGmZa3417558
  • j2mJa3421925
  • NFVfa3425689

How to redeem codes in Soul Knight Prequel

If this is your first time redeeming codes in this game and you are not sure how to do it, all you need to do is follow these few simple steps:

  • Log in to the game
  • Once you are in Chillstead Village move next to 996 Combini NPC. You can tap on the kid with the red cap icon next to the minimap to teleport there instantly. Right below it, you’ll find your “Storage Chest“.
  • Move to the left and you’ll see your “Mailbox“.Tap on your mailbox and then select the second option to the left to open the “Redeem Code” menu. Write one of the codes that you can find on our list above in the textbox and then select the tick button.

That’s all. If you wrote the code correctly you’ll see a notification with your rewards.

What are Soul Knight Prequel codes?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, these codes can give you various rewards. Anything from special potions, currency, keys, cardpack vouchers, and more can be included. It’s up to the developers every time what they are going to give away with each new code.

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