Survival 456 But It’s Impostor Tips: Strategy Guide & Walkthrough

Survival 456 But It’s Impostor is basically Squid Game in your pocket, and with Among Us-like characters – it’s fun, compelling, and oh so highly addictive! In today’s guide, we are going to give you a complete walkthrough for all the stages currently released and share all the important tips to help you pass them with ease.

Squid Game has been a massive title, and it’s only natural that it amassed such a massive audience. Survival 456 But It’s Impostor follows the same death-defying stages and sets the player in the shoes of the contenders. The walkthrough we’ve prepared will guide you through every single stage, so without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Survival 456 But It’s Impostor Stage 1 Walkthrough – Red, Green Light

In this stage, you will start all the way behind the red line on the right side of the screen. You’ll notice a meter in the middle of the screen, which has a skull symbol on its right. The meter will fill up as the “doll” (the impostor with the pigtails) sings the song. The idea is that you must not move while the song is not playing.

How to pass stage 1: Tap on the screen while you hear the song, and take your finger away from the screen when the song is about to finish. Use the meter in the middle of the screen to help you out. Note that the song might not play at the same speed always!

Survival 456 But It’s Impostor Stage 2 Walkthrough – Tug of War

Tug of War is the classical game that you’re probably familiar with already. The two teams have to pull the role and make the opposing team lose, by dropping them down.

How to pass stage 2: To pass this stage, the best would be to try and get one of the boosters from the start – either Power, Hulk, Freeze or Banana. + Time is not as good, and I truly believe Power, Hulk or Freeze are among the best. You must always tap the screen when the meter reaches the green area. That’s a sure way to win even without boosters.

Survival 456 But It’s Impostor Stage 3 Walkthrough – Battle

Battle is fairly straightforward as well. You will fight the other players, and you can also make great use of one of the boosters.

How to pass stage 3: The best, most certain way to win is by using a booster. All in all, the main goal is to run around the level and kill all the players that are left alive. You can use one of the skills, but it has a cooldown of 15 seconds. Just make sure you don’t die – dodge any incoming player attacks and watch your back!

Survival 456 But It’s Impostor Stage 4 Walkthrough – Glass Bridge

Glass Bridge is essentially the same game that was in Squid Game. Players must choose either L (left) or R (right) to decide on which tile they want to step on. Each player receives a random number from 1 to 6 and based on that number you’ll have your turn. The idea is to reach the other side without dying, by jumping only on reinforced glass, not the normal glass panels.

How to pass stage 4: This stage is one of the toughest of them all, since it’s basically a game of luck. No two levels are the same, and it’s all heavily dependant on your number in line. You need to always pay attention to what the players in front of you choose and make sure to follow them on the safe tiles.

If you’re the first player, then it’s a matter of luck. The best way would be to pay close attention to the players that are in front and which tiles they land on.

Survival 456 But It’s Impostor Stage 5 Walkthrough – Dalgona Candy

The Dalgona Candy stage is one of the more painstaking ones if you don’t have a steady hand – both in reality (in the actual TV show) and digitally. This stage will ask you to pick one of the four boxes and you will be asked to trace with your finger the shape of the candy you must carve out. The trick isn’t tracing the candy though, but breaking off the pieces of sugar at the end.

How to pass stage 5: To pass this stage, you must always be patient and break off the sugar only when the meter is on the green color.

Survival 456 But It’s Impostor Stage 6 Walkthrough – Marbles

The Marbles stage in Survival 456 But It’s Impostor is not the same as in Squid Game, but it is equally entertaining. This is more of a classical game of Marbles, where each player has to play a couple of best of 3 matches against another. Your goal is to send your marble farther down the line than your opponent two times in order to win.

How to pass stage 6: Pay close attention to where the arrow is pointing and try to send the marble with just enough strength to land past the 10 point line. I would suggest something like in the image below.

Survival 456 But It’s Impostor Stage 7 Walkthrough – Rope Rescue

This is a very unique and simple stage where you just have to find the best route to pass the rope and get on the other side.

How to pass stage 7: There is no best way to go about this – there are several different levels, and you need to figure out the best way to wrap the rope around the obstacles without losing your life, and preferably collecting the coins in the process too.

Survival 456 But It’s Impostor Stage 8 Walkthrough – Zombie Attack

This stage is not yet released, it releases on November 27th.

Is there anything else you’d be interested in learning about? Has any new level been released and we haven’t mentioned it yet? Leave a comment down below and we’ll make sure to hop right on it!

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