Alchemy Stars: Best Team building guide

In this article you’ll find information about team building in Alchemy Stars. While making a comp in this game isn’t that much different than other similar games, there are still some things players should keep in mind. Aurorians synergy is the key to any good team and there are many fun teams to play with.

So, let’s get right into it.

About Team Captains

By default, the Aurorian that we place in the first slot of our formation becomes the team’s Captain. Great, sounds important, but what does that even mean? The only difference between the Captain and other team members is that the Captain Aurorian(s), can trigger their chain skills and attack regardless of tile color we connect. We can connect yellow, green, red or blue, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, you get the idea. It’s simple, yet very important to know about it.

Especially when it comes to mono attribute teams (more about them below), you’ll notice that during battle, it’s hard to always find the right color tiles to connect. For example, for the very popular Water team, we want to link blue tiles together but that’s not always possible. More often than not we will have to move on different color tiles. In that case, our Captain can still do damage and proc their skills. Because of that, Captains of mono chrome teams can be of any element. Something else to keep in mind is that we can change our Captain Aurorian during battle up to 3 times.

About Aurorian Skills

Units in Alchemy Stars have three type of skills available to them. An active skill, a chain combo skill, and an equipment skill.

The active skill can be either a ‘normal’ active skill, or a preemptive one. The difference as the naming suggest is that we can use preemptive skills directly at the start of the battle. On the other hand, if an active skill isn’t ‘preemptive’, we will have to wait for a number of turns before we are able to use it.

The chain combo skill is a passive skill that triggers every time its condition is met. That condition has to do with the number of tiles we connect.

Equipment skill is a passive that becomes available once we ascend an Aurorian.

With all that being said, keep in mind that there are certain skills that synergize extremely well together. For example: Vice’s active skill, Rapid Torrent, launches an additional attack for each water tile within 1 surrounding cluster of the unit. Ms.Blanc‘s active skill, Aeternum Lumen, can convert 4 tiles in a cross shape to water (Blue).

Those ‘details’ can be very important when it comes to our team’s composition.

About Mono Attribute Teams

First things first, a mono attribute team is an Aurorian formation of a single attribute. Five Water units or five fire units together for example.

While mono chrome isn’t the only way of building a team, it is the meta currently. Why is it the meta? For a few reasons. One reason and probably the most important one is that this is the most consistent way of triggering every member’s chain combo in the same round. Another reason would be that we need such teams in order to complete the Spite challenge anyway.

Issues with Mono Attribute Formations

The most common problem that players who run mono chrome team face is the lack of materials needed to ascend their Aurorians. Keep in mind that you are going to need many of the same ascension materials so you might want to plan ahead and farm them in advance.

How to build your Aurorian formations

As we’ve mentioned above, the main reason as to why many players choose to build mono chrome teams is the ability to proc all of their Aurorians combo skills in the same round. On the other hand, the most common issue that they might face is that sometimes, they won’t be able to link tiles of the ‘right’ color. To tackle that issue, in our formations we are going to use Aurorians that can convert tile colors. On average we want two tile converters per team and one support (which usually act as the healer of our team).

We already talked about team’s Captain above. Ideally we want a 5 or 6 star Aurorian as our Captain. The reason is that most of these units can unlock a secondary element after the 3rd ascension stage.

As a general ‘rule’ our mono teams will look something like this:

  • A damage unit of a different element as our team Captain.
  • Two units that can convert tiles
  • One support/heal unit.
  • One flex unit. That can be another converter, support or damage unit depending on the content. Usually if our Captain is a melee unit, we want a ranged unit as a secondary attacker.

Water Formation

Water team is considered to be friendly towards new and “F2P” players. The reason is the good Water Aurorians that we get at the start of the game. Vice and Ms. Blanc along with Zoya can be the ‘core’ of a good water team. Also, many of the early game bosses are fire attribute which water teams counter.

AurorianViceSarielMs. BlancHydradZoya

This team has decent amount of dps. We generate a lot of blue tiles with Sariel’s and Ms. Blanc’s active skills to maximize Vice’s skill damage. Hydrad’s buff allows us to chain combo twice in a single round.

Other Water Attribute examples

Thunder Formation

Thunder teams are considered to be something like a ‘jack of all trades’ comps. While they don’t excel at anything in particular, they are very balanced formations.


In this comp, Michael is the clear ‘carry’ of the team. The other units are here to provide tile conversions with their preemptive skills that can result in early Aurora Time trigger. This type of formation can be used with a Captain of a different attribute in case you don’t have Michael.

Forest Formation

The main strength of Forest teams is the high mobility that most Forest Aurorians have. It’s not exactly a beginner friendly element as Forest teams require planning ahead many turns.


Let’s give an example of what ‘planning ahead’ with this team looks like. What you should consider when you playing this team. Midgard, Nikinis and Pact active skills are on a very low cooldown. Time them together to create huge combos and deal a ton of damage. In case you need an Aurorian with better clear speed than Midgard you can use Shikare as a Captain. Depending on the content you are facing, you can switch Captaincy back to Midgard.

Fire Formation

Fire attribute has the highest DPS potential currently in Alchemy Stars and many Aurorians of this element have great AoE skills. This is considered to be the attribute that requires the most investment in general.

RoleDetonatorSupportConverter Converter Converter

The strategy here is to fully take advantage of Charon’s ability to cause great damage in a big area. Another unit that we could use in case we don’t have Charon is Brock. A 4th star Fire Aurorian Detonator with an active skill that pulls every enemy (excluding Bosses) towards him. Brock clears speed is top notch and a comp like that is ideal for AFK farming dailies.

Aurorian CharonMaggieTinyUrielFaust
Role Detonator Converter Converter Converter Converter

There are many viable formations in Alchemy Stars. The only question is, what’s your favorite playstyle? For premium players, I’d say you can experiment with different comps and see which one you like the most. Breakthrough stages offer some kind of quality of life and make things a little bit easier, but its by no means necessary to breakthrough your Aurorians. What’s great about that is that we don’t really need duplicates in order to make our team strong.

For free to play players, things are a little bit different. You won’t be able to afford maximize too many Aurorians. The stamina limitation might be an issue later on in the game. With that being said, it’s totally doable to enjoy the game as ‘f2p’ player. You just need to manage your resources.

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