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Kivotos is in shambles and the President of the Student Council is nowhere to be found. Before her disappearance, she summoned the chosen one into this world. Sensei, with the help of Arona – the Shittim Chest System Manager, is the only one who can save the Academies now.

As the head of the Schale club, Sensei can recruit a number of available students from the academies to the club, all in an effort to stop the incidents around Kivotos.

In this article, we’ve ranked every unit in Blue Archive so every Sensei will know which student to recruit and whatnot. At the moment, the students are divided in Strikers and Special units. Maybe in the future, we will come up with a different ranking system that will be based on roles.

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Without any further ado, let’s get right into our Blue Archive tier list.

Striker Tier List

Special Tier List

Blue Archive Striker Tier List

Kasuga TsubakiFrontTank★★
Mikamu Neru (Bunny Girl Ver.)FrontTank★★★
Izayoi NonomiBackDealer★★
Rikuhachima AruBackDealer★★★
Renkawa CherinoMiddleDealer★★★
Sorasaki Hina (Swimsuit Ver.)BackDealer★★★
Shiromi IoriBackDealer★★★
Kurodate HarunaBackDealer★★★
Shirasu Azusa (Swimsuit Ver.)MiddleDealer★★★
Shiromi Iori (Swimsuit Ver.)BackDealer★★★
Shimoe KoharuBackHealer★★★

Shirasu AzusaMiddleDealer★★★
Sorasaki HinaBackDealer★★★
Sunohara ShunBackDealer★★★
Takanashi Hoshino FrontTank★★★
Shunohara Shun (Young Ver.)BackDealer★★★
Waraku Chise MiddleDealer★★
Ichinose Asuna (Bunny Girl Ver.)MiddleSupport★★★
Sunaookami Shiroko (Riding Ver.)MiddleDealer★★★
Hayase YuukaFrontTank★★
Ajitani HifumiMiddle Dealer ★★★
Hisada IzunaFront Dealer ★★★
Saiba MomoiMiddle Dealer ★★
Otohana SumireFront Dealer ★★★
Saiba MidoriBack Dealer ★★★
Tendou AliceBack Dealer ★★★
Asagi MutsukiBack Dealer ★★
Kakudate Karin (Bunny Girl Ver.)Back Dealer ★★★

Kensaki Tsurugi (Swimsuit Ver.)Front Dealer
Hanaoka YuzuMiddle Dealer ★★★
Akashi JunkoMiddle Dealer ★★
Wanibuchi AkariMiddle Dealer ★★
Kensaki TsurugiFront Dealer ★★★
Murokasa AkaneMiddleSupport
Asahina PinaBack Dealer
Shishidou Izumi (Swimsuit Ver.)BackSupport
Yutori NatsuFrontTank★★★
Izumimoto EimiFrontTank★★★
Sunaookami ShirokoMiddle Dealer ★★★
Kuromi SerikaMiddle Dealer ★★
Igusa HarukaFrontTank
Nakatsukasa KirinoMiddleSupport★★

Ichinose AsunaMiddle Dealer
Konuri MakiBack Dealer ★★★
Onikata KayokoMiddleSupport★★
Nikamu NeroFront Dealer ★★★
Morizuki SuzumiMiddleSupport
Shishidou IzumiBack Dealer ★★★

Hanekawa HasumiBack Dealer ★★
Toyomi KotoriBackSupport

Blue Archive Special Tier List

Nekozuka HibikiBackDealer★★★
Otose KotamaBackSupport
Shizuyama Mashiro (Swimsuit Ver.)BackDealer★★★
Washimi SerinaBack Healer
Amau AkoBackSupport★★★
Kakudate KarinBackDealer★★★

Yakushi Saya (Casual Ver.)BackDealer★★★
Asagao HanaeBackHealer★★
Ihara YoshimiBackDealer
Kurimura AiriBackSupport★★
Omagari HareBackSupport★★
Shizuyama MashiroBackDealer★★★
Yakushi SayaBackDealer★★★

Aijitani HifumiBackTactical★★★
Aikiyo FuukaBackHealer★★
Okusora AyanaBackSupport★★
Hinomia ChinatsuBack Healer
Shiroishi UtahaBackDealer★★

Urawa HanakoBackHealer★★
Ushimaki JuriBackSupport
Endo Shimiko BackSupport
Iochi MariBackSupport★★
Kowa ShizukoBackSupport★★
Amani NodokaBackSupport

That’s it with our Blue Archive tier list for PvE. We will revisit these rankings again, sometime in the future. Let us know if you agree with our lists, or we should change something in the comment section down below.

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