Watcher of Realms Tier List | The Best Heroes Ranked (September 2023)

Last update: September 26 – added Hex, Ardea, Magda, Constance, Gisele, Ferssi

Here you can find the ultimate ranking for all the heroes in Watcher of Realms. We tried to make this Watcher of Realms tier list as comprehensive as possible, for your reading pleasure. Therefore, you can find every single hero ranked, with a little bit of useful information too. We also aim to deliver a complete guide for each one, but since that takes time, you can expect that in the near future!

If you’re not overly familiar with Watcher of Realms just yet, it’s a highly immersive game that, down at its core, is a tower defense. However, it also features RPG and strategy elements and it’s truly a delight if you love the genre. Visually, it resembles Raid: Shadow Legends, but when it comes to gameplay, only the occasional RPG battles are similar.

When it comes to ranking the characters, there are certain things to take into account. From Faction to Rarity, Class, and whether or not it plays the Lord’s role or not, each element plays an important role in deciding where a certain hero stands. So, here we present to you the Watcher of Realms tier list.

How many characters are there in Watcher of Realms?

At the moment, there are a total of 171 characters in Watcher of Realms. More will be added in the future, so stay tuned!

Watcher of Realms Tier List – The Best Heroes

Watcher of Realms S+ Tier

Salazar★★★★★The Nightmare CouncilFighterBurst DMG, Bleed
Volka★★★★★The Nightmare CouncilFighterAoE ATK, Lifesteal
Abomination★★★★★The Nightmare CouncilFighterLate-Game, AoE ATK
Valeriya★★★★★The Nightmare Council
The Chaos Dominion
FighterArena Mastery, Burst DMG, Self Heal
Zilitu★★★★★The Infernal BlastFighterBurst DMG, Burning
Aracha★★★★★The Star PiercersFighterPoison, Control
King Harz★★★★★The North ThroneDefenderDEF, Shield
Ghan★★★★★The Chaos DominionDefenderArena Mastery, AoE DMG, DMG RED
Torodor★★★★★The Nightmare CouncilDefenderInstant Revival, Defense Breaker, Control
Captain Reve★★★★★The Cursed CultDefenderControl
Orim★★★★★The Infernal BlastDefenderCounterattack, Buff, Burning
Cyrus★★★★★The Esoteria OrderDefenderSummon, Range Boost
Livian★★★★The Watchguard
The Star Piercers
DefenderDEF, Control
Olague★★★★The North ThroneDefenderDEF, Shield
Hatssut★★★★★The Nightmare CouncilMarksmanBurst DMG, AoE ATK
Nyx★★★★★The Star PiercersMarksmanMulti-Target ATK
Silas★★★★★The Star PiercersMarksmanAnti-Air, DEF Penetration
Sargak★★★★★The Chaos Dominion
The Star Piercers
MarksmanNo Retreat, Multi-Strike ATK, Arena Mastery
Hex★★★★★The Infernal Blast
The Star Piercers
MarksmanMagic Marksman, Random Skill Effects, Anti-Air
Razaak★★★★★The Star PiercersMarksmanAoE ATK, Burst DMG
Alaura★★★★★The Watchguard
The Star Piercers
MarksmanInvisibility, Anti-Air, Split ATK
Luneria★★★★The Star PiercersMarksmanMagic Marksman, Continuous DMG
Vargus★★★★The Chaos Dominion
The Star Piercers
MarksmanMulti-Strike ATK, Continuous ATK, Arena Mastery
Elowyn★★★★★The Esoteria OrderHealerAoE Heal, Summon
Laya★★★★★The WatchguardHealerAoE Heal, Rage Regen, Buff
Hollow★★★★The Cursed CultHealerST Heal, Rage Regen
Ajax★★★★★The UnnamableMageAoE ATK, Control, Burning
Morrigan★★★★★The Cursed CultMageMulti-Target ATK, Split DMG
Kria★★★★★The Cursed CultMageSummon, Continuous DMG
Khamet★★★★★The Esoteria OrderMageContinuous DMG, Execution
Vierna★★★★★The Cursed CultMageExecution, Continuous DMG
Twinfiend★★★★★The Infernal BlastMageFocus Fire, Multi-Target ATK, Burning
Greed★★★★The Nightmare Council
The Cursed Cult
MageAoE ATK, Control, Burning
Magda★★★★★The Cursed CultFighterMulti-Target ATK, Multi-Strike ATK
Hex★★★★★The Infernal Blast
The Star Piercers
MarksmanMagic Marksman, Random Skill Effects, Anti-Air
Ardea★★★★★The Chaos Dominion
The North Throne
FighterMulti-Target ATK, No Retreat
Ferssi★★★★★The Infernal BlastHealerWide Heal, DMG Reduction, Buff

Watcher of Realms S Tier

Valkyra★★★★★The North ThroneFighterMagic Fighter, Range Boost, Revives Allies
Elddr★★★★★The North ThroneFighterShield, Continuous DMG
Selene★★★★★The Esoteria OrderFighterMagic Fighter
Arrogance★★★★★The Nightmare CouncilFighterAnti Air DMG, Burning
Lugaru★★★★★The Nightmare Council
The Chaos Dominion
FighterArena Mastery, Multi-Strike ATK, No Retreat
Apsan★★★★★The Star PiercersFighterArena Mastery, Multi-Strike ATK, No Retreat
Estrid★★★★The North ThroneFighterArena Mastery, Multi-Strike ATK, No Retreat
Vladov★★★★The Nightmare Council
The Chaos Dominion
FighterArena Mastery, Multi-Strike ATK, Bleed
Regulus★★★★★The WatchguardDefenderDMG Sharing, Invincibility
Azhor★★★★★The Nightmare CouncilDefenderControl, Shield
Brokkir★★★★★The North ThroneDefenderDEF, Shield
Baron★★★★The Nightmare CouncilDefenderShield, Critical Status Buff
Meriel★★★★The WatchguardDefenderDEF, Heal
Aveline★★★★The North Throne
The Watchguard
DefenderHigh Block, Control
Isolde★★★★The North ThroneDefenderHigh Block
Ardeth★★★★The Esoteria OrderDefenderArena Mastery, Multi-Strike ATK, No Retreat
Rex★★★The WatchguardDefenderDEF, Control
Calypso★★★★★The Star PiercersMarksmanLate-Game
Setram★★★★★The Infernal BlastMarksmanBurst DMG, Multi-Strike ATK
Brienne★★★★The Watchguard
The Star Piercers
MarksmanAnti-Air Bonus, Split ATK
Maul★★★★The North ThroneMarksmanAoE ATK, Burst DMG
Theowin★★★★The Star PiercersMarksmanAoE ATK, Control
Tauriel★★★★The Watchguard
The Star Piercers
MarksmanMulti-Strike AoE, Global Skills
Gwendolyn★★★★★The North ThroneHealerWide Heal, Shield
Carnelian★★★★★The Chaos Dominion
The Cursed Cult
HealerArena Mastery, Bounce Heal, Anti-Death
Vortex★★★★The North ThroneHealerWide Heal, Shield
Lili★★★★The Star PiercersHealerCritical Status Buff, Regen
Nissandei★★★★The Star PiercersHealerBuff, Bounce Heal
Nocturne★★★★★The North Throne
The Infernal Blast
MageTrue DMG, Burst DMG
Laseer★★★★★The Cursed CultMageMulti-Target ATK, Anti-Healing
Zelus★★★★★The Cursed CultMageMulti-Target ATK, Debuff
Venoma★★★★★The Esoteria OrderMageControl
Kaede★★★★★The Esoteria Order
The Chaos Dominion
MageArena Mastery, Burst DMG, Summon
Marri★★★★The North ThroneMageControl, Debuff
Aeon★★★★The Cursed CultMageControl, Debuff
Eona★★★★The Watchguard
The Cursed Cult
MageMulti-Target ATK, Control
Raiden★★★★The Esoteria OrderMageMulti-Target ATK, Continuous DMG
Constance★★★★★The WatchguardDefenderHeal, Buffs
Gisele★★★★★The Chaos Dominion
The Nightmare Council
FighterMulti-Strike aTK, No Retreat, Arena Mastery

Watcher of Realms A Tier

Ares★★★★★The Nightmare CouncilFighterDefense Breaker, Debuff
Cerberus★★★★★The Cursed Cult
The Chaos Dominion
FighterArena Mastery, Basic ATK, Defender Protection
Falcia★★★★★The North ThroneFighterMixed DMG, Multi-Strike ATK, True DMG
Magmus★★★★★The Nightmare CouncilFighterMulti-Target ATK, Counterattack
Voroth★★★★The North ThroneFighterMulti-Strike ATK, Counterattack
Deimos★★★★The Nightmare CouncilFighterContinuous DMG
Atrox★★★★The Cursed Cult
The Chaos Dominion
FighterArena Mastery, Fast Revival, Multi-Target ATK
Janqhar★★★★The Esoteria OrderFighterMulti-Target ATK, Continuous DMG
Borut★★★★The WatchguardFighterKnockback
Titus★★★★The Infernal BlastDefenderSelf-Heal, Instant Revival
Dagna★★★The North ThroneDefenderSelf-Heal
Crach★★★★★The WatchguardMarksmanMulti-Target ATK
Brunor★★★★The North Throne
The Infernal Blast
MarksmanRange Boost
Tazira★★★★The Star PiercersMarksmanMulti-Strike ATK
Harpun★★★★The North ThroneMarksmanContinuous DMG, Multi-Strike ATK
Ezryn★★★★★The Esoteria OrderHealerST Heal, Range Boost, DMG RED
Sadie★★★★★The North ThroneHealerAoE Heal, DMG RED
Dolores★★★★The Infernal BlastHealerBuff
Lightlocke★★★★The Watchguard
The North Throne
HealerST Heal, Heal Stacking
Midan★★★★The North ThroneHealerAoE Heal, M. RES Realm
Nunea★★★HealerST Heal, Buff
Nauvras★★★★The Nightmare Council, The Esoteria OrderMageBurst DMG
Nazeem★★★★The Esoteria OrderMageBurst DMG, Control
Imani★★★★The Infernal BlastMageInstant Burst DMG
Voltus★★★The Cursed CultMageBounce ATK

Watcher of Realms B Tier

Wrath★★★★The Nightmare CouncilFighterContinuous DMG
Komodo★★★★The Nightmare CouncilFighterMulti-Strike ATK, Bleed
Gluttony★★★★The Nightmare CouncilFighterContinuous ATK, Control
Ain★★★★The WatchguardFighterMulti-Strike ATK, AoE ATK
Daemon★★★★FighterFast Revival, Instant Burst DMG
Scorch★★★★The Infernal BlastFighterAoE ATK
Dalyn★★★★The WatchguardFighterCost Regen
Morene★★★The Infernal Blast
The Star Piercers
MarksmanBurst DMG, AoE DMG
Drogo★★★MarksmanAoE ATK
Dassomi★★★★★The Chaos Dominion
The Esoteria Order
HealerArena Mastery, Wide Heal, Continuous Healing
Aylin★★★★★The Infernal BlastHealerAoE Heal
Camille★★★The WatchguardHealerContinuous Healing
Shamir★★★★★The North ThroneMageControl
Durza★★★★★The Chaos Dominion
The Cursed Cult
MageArena Mastery, Buff, No Retreat
Soleil★★★★The Watchguard
The Infernal Blast
MageMulti-Strike ATK, Bounce ATK
Osiren★★★★The Cursed CultMageMulti-Target ATK, Execution
Pyros★★★★The Infernal BlastMageFocus Fire
Sorzus★★★The Nightmare CouncilMageExecution

Watcher of Realms C Tier

Cyrene★★★★The Watchguard
The Cursed Cult
FighterCost Regen, Buff
Cyclone★★★★The Esoteria OrderFighterDodge, Control
Ogrul★★★FighterBurst DMG
Shelor★★★FighterMulti-Strike ATK
Amahle★★★MarksmanContinuous ATK
Elukas★★★The Cursed CultMarksmanControl
Cutter★★The Star PiercersMarksmanPoison
Liam★★The Star PiercersMarksmanAnti-Air Priority
Aryn★★★HealerAoE Heal
Autumn★★★The Infernal BlastHealerBuff
Spring★★★HealerHeal, Extra Targets
Laurel★★★★The Esoteria OrderMageRage Regen
Azzoth★★★★The Infernal BlastMageBurst DMG, Burning
Selkath★★★★The Esoteria OrderMageBounce ATK
Ai★★★★The Esoteria OrderMageControl, Trap
Niro★★★The Cursed Cult
The Watchguard
Gonkba★★★The Esoteria OrderMageControl

Watcher of Realms D Tier

Narvi★★★FighterCost Regen, Buff
Gnash★★★FighterMulti-Target ATK
Decimus★★★FighterCritical Status Buff, Fast Revival
Rhutu★★★FighterCost Regen
Duradel★★★FighterInstant Burst DMG
Hayden★★FighterCost Regen
Arlow★★FighterCost Regen
Ryder★★FighterCost Regen
Halder★★FighterCost Regen
Jonas★★FighterM. ATK
LiliaFighterCost Regen
LancerFighterContinuous DMG
Skreef★★MarksmanAnti-Air Priority
JoshMarksmanAnti-Air Priority
GaleMarksmanAnti-Air Priority
Nisalt★★★★The Esoteria OrderMageBurning, Poison

These are all the heroes that make up the Watcher of Realms tier list! Which characters do you use in your team? Let us know in the comments, and if you want more, make sure to read our Bleach Brave Souls tier list and Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list too!

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