How to Unlock The All-Rounder Title in Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures

To unlock The All-Rounder title in Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures, you need to complete a series of 6 Hidden Achievements. If you want to learn which Achievements you’re missing, and how you can complete them, I am here to show you.

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How to Complete World Exploration Master I Achievement

This Achievement will give you The All-Rounder title when completed, and all the tasks to complete the Achievement are hidden, but give you a hint. Each one takes place in one of the Story stages, so let me break it down for you:

Hint: Jungle

This… Is…!

  • Defeat Monsters by pushing them off ledges
  • Rewards: 20 Crystals
  • How to complete: Push monsters off ledges in Stage 6: Banana Jungle (single-player or multiplayer). It’s best done with Cream Soda Cookie or Dark Choco Cookie, but any cookie that has a skill that can push enemies off will do.

Hint: Deep Caves

You’ve come to save us!

  • Rescue a player trapped in one of Floratz’s Crystal Prisons
  • Reward: 20 Crystals
  • How to complete: Play Stage 5-15 Multiplayer. You need to let your friend get hit by one of the blue spheres that Floratz will throw (avoid the pink spheres), and then, that player will get frozen. Attack the player to damage the prison of ice formed around them.

Hint: Deep Caves

I got caught too…

  • Get caught in one of Floratz’s Crystal Prisons
  • Reward: 20 Crystals
  • How to complete: Play Stage 5-15 (single-player or multiplayer), and get hit by the blue spheres. You will need to get caught 10 times for the Achievement to pop up.

Hint: Jungle

Low-Potassium Diet

  • Don’t let Banana-Kong eat a single banana
  • Reward: 20 Crystals
  • How to complete: Play Stage 6-15 (single-player or multiplayer) and destroy all the bananas as soon as they spawn. The bananas will be green at first, and then they turn yellow. Banana-Kong will go for them once they’re yellow. Make sure you destroy them before they’re ripe. It’s easier to complete in multiplayer mode.

Hint: Jungle

I’m Drawn to You

  • Get dragged by a Banana Brigand
  • Reward: 20 Crystals
  • How to complete: Play Stage 6 (single-player or multiplayer) and let the mobs with hooks pull you 10 times.

Hint: Desert

Friendly Fire

  • Use Konn’s attack to deal damage to Barb
  • Reward: 20 Crystals
  • How to complete: Play Stage 2-15 (single-player or multiplayer). If you’re over 7600 Power, more specifically if you are able to one-shot the boss, try to switch to weaker cookies. You want to trigger the interaction between Konn and Barb. Make sure you destroy Barb’s shield before Konn’s attack is fully charged, and position yourself correctly to target Barb. The goal is to destroy the shield before the attack goes off, and that way the attack will damage Barb.

That’s it! Hopefully with these tips you can successfully complete the World Exploration Master I Achievements and claim the title. It might take a few tries for some of the challenges, but persevere and you’ll be rewarded.

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