Last Fortress: Underground – The Best Characters and Line-Ups

Sometimes, especially later on in the game, you will have to send your heroes around the map for various reasons. Gathering resources, sieging, events, etc. In some cases, you will have to send them far away from your base and then, their travelling speed becomes super important because, higher travelling speed means, less travelling time, obviously. The best possible line-ups you can put together for situations like that are the following:

Credits to Mr.Stopheles for the image

When it comes to just battling enemies, either players in Arena mode or simply zombies around the map, in your base, or in Exploration and Expedition modes, here’s how some of the best line-ups look like:

It’s likely that you won’t have exactly all these units ascended, especially as a free to play player. In that case, simply focus on levelling up just one single line-up and aim for a composition with one tank unit, one healer and three damage dealers, preferably ones that can hit multiple enemies. You can also go with two tanks up in the front-line during the early stages of the game.

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