Reverse: 1999 Release Banner Guide | Which Character to Pull?

Whenever you start a new game it’s obviously better if you can have the best characters. Of course, gacha mechanics make it hard to get high-tier heroes but if you’ve read our Reverse: 1999 reroll guide, you already know how to do it. Now the only question is which are the best characters to get from the beginners’ gacha? Below you can find the answer to that question!


Eternity is a Mineral Arcanist and probably the best character you can get from the “Beginners Banner”. Believe it or not, she can solo almost everything the game offers. She loses some of her potency in the later stages of the game, but that’s to be expected. If you get her, things will be a lot easier for you.


Her effects grant immunity to Bleed, Corrode, and Poison. She increases DMG dealt and healing by 3% per round (stacks up to 5 times).

  • Vigor Handbag

A single-target attack that deals massive amounts of damage to the target by sacrificing 10% of the caster’s current HP. Additionally, it inflicts “Nasty Wound” status which reduces the healing taken by 50%.

  • Vintage Handfan

An attack that deals ‘Reality’ DMG and can hit 2 targets.

  • Anecdotes in Exeter

A mass reality-type attack that can hit all enemies. On top of that it has a +50% Leech rate.


Regulus is a Star Arcanist that you can get from the “Beginner Banner”. She deals mental damage to multiple targets and she’s great in a secondary DPS (Damage) role.

Even though she can be used as your primary DPS, she’s somewhat clunky in that role. Also, the early game isn’t her strongest point in the game.


  • Challenge for the Eyes

This ability deals mental damage to two enemies. More stars equal not only more damage, but Moxie ( -1, -2) for the targets.

  • Treat for the Ears

A single target attack skill that deals ‘Mental-Type’ DMG.

  • Sleepless Rave

Deals Mental DMG to all enemies on the board and inflicts “Riot and Rot” status.


Lilya is a Star Arcanist who deals ‘Reality-Type’ DMG. She can potentially be an S-Tier DPS character. For that to happen though, you have to heavily invest in her critical strike rate otherwise, she can be countered by enemies with high resistance.


Lilya’s upgrades are all about damage and raising her critical strike rate. As I’ve mentioned above, that’s something that she really needs in order to perform up to her potential.

  • Crosswind Takeoff

A single-target attack that deals ‘Reality-Type’ damage. If Lilya crits, she performs an additional attack (half damage).

  • Aerial Maneuvers

A mass attack that hits 2 targets and deals reality DMG.

  • A Small Trick

Deals a huge amount of reality DMG (700%) to a single target. If Lilya crits, this attack grants a leech rate of 15%.

And that’s all we have when it comes to the Reverse: 1999 release gacha. If you want to know more about the characters in this game, make sure to check out our Reverse 1999 Tier List!

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