Splatoon 3 Codes | All QR Codes in Splatoon 3 (August 2023)

Do you want to claim the latest Splatoon 3 QR codes? Then you’re in the right place because this article will walk you through everything you need to know about these codes as well as how you can redeem them and how you can find more!

If you’re eager to splat and obliterate enemies left and right, chances are you’re into Splatoon 3 – the latest game in the series. Further down in this article, you can find the latest released QR codes for the game, which offer various in-game goodies.

Make sure you claim them soon so you won’t miss out on any free rewards!

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Splatoon 3 QR Codes

These are all the QR codes currently released in the game. Scan them with the QR Code reader from the Splatoon 3 option in the Nintendo Switch Online app (you can find the step-by-step process below if you’re not sure how to do it) and enjoy!

How to redeem QR Codes in Splatoon 3

If you’re not sure how to redeem the codes in Splatoon 3, we got you. In order to redeem the QR codes simply follow the steps below.

1: Download the Nintendo Switch Online app.
2: Log into your Nintendo account on the app and select Splatoon 3.
3: Select the QR Code Reader option.
4: Launch the game and head over to the multiplayer lobby.
5: Speak with the terminal and select the Get Stuff option.

That’s it! The rewards from the QR code should be granted as soon as you’ve done all of this.

How to Get More QR Codes in Splatoon 3

More QR codes for Splatoon 3 might get released in the future on the game’s official Twitter Account – we’ll also share them here, so stay tuned!

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