[UPDATED] Splatoon 3 Weapon Tier List | The Best Weapons in Splatoon 3

If you’re looking for an updated Splatoon 3 tier list of the best weapons, we’ve got you covered. Below you can find a list of all the best weapons in the game, organized by tier, so you can choose the best ones according to each situation. So, if you’re trying to use a powerful weapon to obliterate your enemies, you can check how good it is down below.

We have divided the tier list into 4 tiers, from SS to C tier, based on each weapon’s prowess. We also listed all of the weapons available in the game down below, so you can take a closer look at each one of them.

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Splatoon 3 Weapon Tier List

SS TierSqueezer, Splattershot, N-ZAP ’85, Slosher, .52 Gal, Dapple Dualies
S TierDualie Squelchers, Splash-o-Matic, Heavy Splatling, Bloblobber, Glooga Dualies, Dynamo Roller
A TierTri-Stinger, Splattershot Jr., Clash Blaster, Splat Roller, Octobrush
B TierHydra Splatling, Inkbrush, Splattershot Pro, Aerospray MG, Splat Charger, Tenta Brella
C TierE-Liter 4K, Tri-Slosher, Luna Blaster, E-Liter 4K Scope

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Splatoon 3 Weapons List

Below you can find a list of all the weapons featured in the tier list above, as well as what they specialize in. Keep in mind each weapon can work well if its wielder is skilled enough to make it top tier, so take the tier list with a grain of salt – you might be an ace with the Luna Blaster, but it might not work at all for the other players.

Therefore, the tier list is a more generalized approach to each weapon, and it should help players decide what to pick when they want to adventure into battle with absolutely no idea what each weapon does.


Splattershot is one of the best main weapons in Splatoon 3 – it has a good balance of splat and inking potential, and is very easy to use.

N-ZAP ’85

The N-ZAP ’85 is a great weapon for supporting your allies since it works amazingly at inking territory.

.52 Gal

.52 Gal is one of the top tier weapons in Splatoon 3 since Killer Wail 5.1 tracks enemies automatically, allowing even players who aren’t that great at aiming have successful streaks.


Slosher is a great weapon with amazing sub and special weapons, and when combined with its generally high power and range, the result is an outstanding weapon.


Squeezer is a great splatting weapon with an exceptionally long range and high damage output.

Dapple Dualies

Dapple Dualies is an excellent support weapon that allows high mobility as well as access to a useful buff for allies.

Dualie Squelchers

A pretty good splatting weapon that also allows high mobility, and is exceptional for its 1v1 potential because of its kit.

Heavy Splatling

Heavy Splatling is a great long-range weapon that can also offer some support with its Wave Breaker.


A fairly good weapon for complete beginners, since its ease of use and range make it work in most situations.

Glooga Dualies

The Glooga Dualies is not the easiest of weapons, but its high mobility and the fact that it grants increased damage after dodge rolls make it extremely powerful in the right hands.

Dynamo Roller

A very good weapon in terms of damage and range, the Dynamo Roller is a great choice in most situations.


The Splash-o-Matic is a beginner-friendly weapon that is easy to use and also benefits from great inking performance.


A decent inking and splatting weapon for most situations.

Clash Blaster

Clash Blaster is a great weapon when you’re on the offensive thanks to its rapid firing ability and its Sub and Special.

Splat Roller

Splat Roller is a versatile weapon that does great at inking and splatting, as well as provides good defensive options in the form of Big Bubbler.


A decent weapon for both inking and splatting and has a decent range.

Splattershot Jr.

Splattershot Jr. is a good weapon for close range combat, which is easy to use and has decent damage as well.

Hydra Splatling

Hydra Splatling is a weapon with long range and decent damage.


Inkbrush is similar to the Octobrush, but doesn’t have such a high range and also deals slightly less damage.

Aerospray MG

Aerospray MG is great for its inking and spread potential.

Splat Charger

This weapon has very good range and damage when it is fully charged, but pretty average otherwise.

Splattershot Pro

Splattershot Pro is a beginner-friendly weapon with a long range that works great for inking and splatting.

Tenta Brella

Tenta Brella is a decent weapon with defensive prowess.

E-Liter 4K

The E-Liter 4K has a fairly long range, and decent damage, but pretty long charge times.

E-Liter 4K Scope

The E-Liter 4K Scope has the longest range out of all the Chargers, but it cannot store charges, and therefore it is a situational weapon.


The Tri-Slosher is great for close combat and coverage.

Luna Blaster

Another average close combat weapon with pretty decent damage, but can be outperformed by others on this list.

Which are your favorite weapons in Splatoon 3 and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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