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I’ve decided to make an actual Heroes of Crown tier list because honestly even though there are many of them around the internet, they are all inaccurate, at best. I’ve played long enough this game, I have 5 accounts over level 150, so I have a pretty good understanding of the meta. So, If you want to know which are the best characters to invest in, especially if you want to remain F2P, keep reading!

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If you are only interested in our Heroes of Crown tier list you can use the links above to navigate faster. But, if you are a new player and you want to understand how the game works I believe you’ll find the next paragraphs insightful.

Heroes of Crown Tier List – Elements

First things first, the heroes like in many other similar games, are divided into the following elements:

  • Dark
  • Light
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind

As you can see in the image below, there’s a rock-paper-scissors relationship between the elements. A counter type gets 20% extra bonus dmg.

Heroes of Crown Tier List

Fire, Water, and Wind heroes cost fewer resources than Dark and Light ones, so they are much easier to get and ascend. Almost by default, Dark and Light heroes are the strongest characters that you can get on your team.



Heroes of Crown Tier List – Rarities

Other than their element, heroes are also divided into the following rarities:

  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Common

Common and Epic heroes are simply materials. You are never going to use them on your actual team. Their sole purpose is to help you ascend the Legendary heroes. So, there’s no point in even ranking the heroes of these qualities. We are only going to talk about the Legendary ones.

Not all Legendary heroes are equal, obviously. They are divided into 3 ‘sub-categories’. Core, Elite, and Common ones which similar to Epic ones, their purpose is to be used as materials to ascend the better heroes.

Common Legendary heroes only have 3 skills, compared to the Elite and Core ones which have 4. And, they can only ascend to 4 stars. The Core ones have the absolute best stats among the units of their element but, they are harder to acquire. Elite heroes, on the other hand, are much easier to acquire and you are going to use them a lot, especially in the earlier stages of the game. With that out of the way, let’s see which are the core heroes of each element. Always keep in mind that regardless of element, the power ranking goes like this:


With that out of the way, let’s move to our actual rankings.

Fire Element

SDragon Princess Nerishta, Scarlet Velvet Mousse
ANightingale Nadine, Flower Frenzy Kin, Blazing Heart Marloc, On-Mask Ronin Genkuro
BEternal Flame Julius
CDevil Devourer Aigre, Axe Berserker Beauvue, Iron Fist Avrora, Ancient Warlock Ariel
DMolten Fury Sorian, Wild Huntress Corolla
EDemolitionist Cooperhill, Minotaur Spirit Salon, Lady Inferno Alicia

Wind Element

S-Lord of Time Merilyn, Endless Storm Eurus, Tempest Dragon Constantia
A+Rose Princess Wendy, Master Dragon Don, Silly Fruit Bombs
BNight Owl Baldur, Daughter of Nature Dorothy, Lord of Artemis Himmelia
CBlade of Storms Saru, Savage Beast Alpha
DAstral Guardian Heimdall, Fruit Candy Kina
EElven Prince Ragnus, Bookish Scholar Augustus, Huntress Eloi

Water Element

SCelestial Spear Veya
A+Daughter of the Sea Atargatis, Shield of Partha Sera, Howling Wind Terrastoya, Baby Shark Peal, Might of Partha Conny
BSea Witch Siren, Frost Spirit Dana,
CWater Sage Viktor, Ice Guard Gawain
DHalberd of Exile Sara, Wandering Knight Lotta
EPirate King Lada, Wrathful Claw Valtu, Wrath of the Deep Shaak

Dark Element

SSGod Heir – Dark Knight Lucia, God Heir – Epic Diva Christine, God Heir – Night Eater Sophia & Monica
SDark Bride Victoria, Dark Apostle Skyne, Er Lang Yang Jian, Seductress Lilith, Underworld Strider Sardimund, Malicious Puppet Andrew, Adjudicator Anubis
ABlade of Shadows Arlune, Sinister Dragoon Brunnhilde, Lord of the Dead Kane, Lunar Shadow Alutan
BRevenant Knight Alex
CDoomsayer Lance, Mad Inventor Toto
DButcher of Truth Sabah, Frenzy Toxin Harken

Light Element

SSHeaven & Hell – Ninetails Bai Su, God Heir – Prosecutor Marcy, God Heir – Aurora Priscilla, Third Prince Ne Zha
SSaint of Purity Vichy, Double-Faced Tiger Yen, Glow Dragon Ao Xin, Super Twins Bella & Ella, Monkey King Sun Wukong, Blessed Guardian Garde, Elementalist Grail
ASword Master Sylvie, Valkyrie Arvette, Armored Mech Omega, Blade of God Astana, Smiling Miracle Pocah
BLuminescent Light Nora
CEmperor of Light Lorraine, Devotee of Truth Ivasia
DCelestial Harpe Aya, Starstrider Mage Norman

I left Chaos heroes out of the rankings on purpose. Yes, if you can somehow max them out they are SSS tier. But, good luck with that. Unless you are a really heavy spender. So, I figured there’s no point talking about these two.

Heroes of Crown Tier List – Best Meta Teams

Heroes that grant global buffs to your team, such as God Heir heroes, are considered to be the best ones and they define the current meta. In the image below you can check out the team that is dominating the field currently, just so you get an idea of the current state of the meta.

Heroes of Crown Tier List - Best Teams

Heroes of Crown Tier List - Best Teams

If you have any questions about our rankings, or if there’s something that you would like us to add, let us know in the comment section below. Last but not least, since you are interested in this type of game, take a look at our “10 Best Gacha Games to Play in 2023 for Android” post.

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