Bleach Brave Souls Tier List

Check out our complete Bleach Brave Souls tier list as we’ve ranked the best characters in the game! There are literally hundreds of available heroes from every ark. There’s every Ichigo variation, from Dankai Ichigo, hollow Ichigo, you name it. And that goes for pretty much every character.

If you are a new player, the sheer amount of available characters might be overwhelming. Our tier lists below will give you a pretty good idea about the current state of Bleach Brave Souls, so you can decide which characters you want to invest your resources in.

To make it easier for you, we’ve decided to divide the heroes based on their performance in different types of content. So we created separate lists for both PvE and PvP. You can quickly navigate by clicking on the links below. If you enjoy games like this, make sure to check out our Blue Archive tier list to find out which are the strongest characters in that game!

Note: As we mentioned before, these are NOT all the characters. These are just the 6* characters available in Bleach Brave Souls. If we were to rank all of the characters ever released, we’d have 10 pages in the Bleach Brave Souls tier list. So, if you want the best units, here you have them!

Bleach Brave Souls Tier List – PvE Rankings

Below you can find our Bleach Brave Soul tier list that is dedicated to PvE. All the characters are ranked based on their performance in campaign mode. You can find a dedicated PvP tier list in the next page!

S+ Tier

Jushiro UkitakeSAFWY
White IchigoSpirit Society
Nimaiya Oh-EtsuThousand Years Blood War
Tokinada TsunayashiroCFYOW
Grimmjow JeagerjaquesCFYOW – Truths
Masaki KurosakiThousand Years Blood War/Past
Kisuke UraharaFierce Battle

These are the best Bleach Brave Souls characters when it comes to PvE. If you have them on your team, you can simply auto-battle your way through the game’s content. Enemies can’t really stop you. You know when characters rank higher than S-Tier, are overpowered, to say the least.

S Tier

Coyote StarkHidden
Zaraki KenpachiSpeed Attribute / 6*
Tatsuki ArisawaSchool Uniform
Shuhei HisagiParty Time
SenbonzakuraZanpakuto: The Alternate Tale Separated Version
Nelliel Tu OdelschwanckFierce Battle
Dordoni Alessandro Del SocaccioCFYOW
Renji AbaraiFierce Battle
Madarame IkkakuFierce Battle
Orihime InoueOrient Society
Yoruichi ShihoinFierce Battle
Riruka DokugamineTechnique Attribute / 6*
Kirio HikifuneThousand Years Blood War
Tier HalibelSwimsuit

S-Tier includes some of the best characters in the game. The reason why they rank so high in our Bleach Brave Souls tier list is that they can clear almost every aspect of the game when it comes to PvE. Even though they might not be as overpowered as the S-Tier characters, they are the next best thing.

A Tier

Yasutora “Chad” SadoSpirit Society
Zaraki KenpachiThe Belief
Nnoitora GilgaResurreccion / Arms to Killing You
Nnoitora GilgaCFYOW
Kenpachi ZarakiCFYOW
Nelliel Tu OdelschwanckCFYOW
Aizen SosukeJapanese Parasol
Hirako ShinjiPast
Soi FonThousand Years Blood War
Genryusai Shigekuni YamamotoSAFWY
ShureanSpeed Attribute/6*
Shukuro TsukisimaCFYOW – Truths
Izuru KiraThousand Years Blood War
Kukaku ShibaOrient Society
Yoruichi ShihoinDesert Society
Izuru KiraMachine Society
Riruka DokugamineMachine Society
Ginrei KuchikiSealed

Characters in this tier are overall good options that can help you progress through the campaign. Some of them, excel in different modes. For example, Captain Yamamoto is borderline broken when it comes to PvP. But more about that is on our Bleach Brave Souls PvP tier list section.

B Tier

Jugram HaschwalthThousand Years Blood War
Askin Nakk Le VaarThousand Years Blood War – VSD
Ichigo KurosakiDesert Society
Ichibe HyosubeThousand Years Blood War
Hiyori SarugakiSealed
Ichigo Kurosaki4th Anniversary Hollow
Retsu UnohanaaPast
Kyoraku Shunsui Shikai / Mind Attribute
Yachiru KusajishiHalloween
Ichigo KurosakiBond
Soi FonSwimsuit
Homura & ShizukuMovie 3 /6* Heart
Nelliel Tu OdelschwanckJapanese Parasol
Ichigo KurosakiMovie 4
Shuhei HisagiTag Team
Shigekuni Genryusai YamamotoOne-Armed
Yin & YangMovie 2 /6*/ Power
Yachiru UnohanaThousand Years Blood War
White Zangetsu
GanryuMovie 1 /6*/ Speed
Yoruichi ShihoinHalloween
Sajin KomamuraThousand Years Blood War
Coyote StarkResurrection / Heart

This is where things start to become a bit underwhelming. Characters in B-Tier can be used in the earlier stages of the game when it comes to PvE and mid-game. With that said, you won’t be able to clear end-game content if your team relies on these characters alone. Of course, you can use them as complementary pieces in some situations.

C Tier

Lilinette GingerbackHalloween
Tier HalibelHalloween
Inoue OrihimeBond
Wonderweiss MargeraSealed
Tier HalibelResurreccion / Speed

These characters ranked at the bottom of our Bleach Brave Souls tier list. When it comes to PvE, you shouldn’t really bother with these heroes unless you have no other choice. Keep in mind that we are talking about the best characters in the game! Obviously, you should not invest any resources in them for the time being. Replace them once you can with better ones.

If PvP is your cup of tea, on the next page you can find our Bleach Brave Souls tier list for PvP!
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