Cookie Run: Kingdom Error Busters Guide, Tier List, Best Cookies & Strategies (Season 2)

As a Cookie Run: Kingdom player of many years, the latest event has caught me by surprise. It’s fun, exciting, and also HIGHLY RNG-focused. This is, of course, the Error Busters event. In this guide you can find all the Error Busters tips and tricks I’ve learned so far by playing the game and reaching top 1%.

Starting with the beginning, I believe the event itself doesn’t need much more explanation than this:

  • once you have 12 Error Busters tickets, you can run a round.
  • every day you can purchase 5 entries (5x 12 tickets), for 300 Crystals each.
  • you can level up your ATK, HP and CRIT, which permanently increases your Cookies’ stats once they enter the event stages, by using Data Fragments.
  • once you complete a run, you will earn Data Fragments.

Pretty simple and straightforward, right? Well, it might seem that way at first, but actually completing a SUCCESSFUL run is not as simple, as it also depends on your luck. So, below you’ll find useful information that should help you rank well and hopefully land you in top 10% or higher by the end of the event.

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The Best Cookies for Error Busters Season 2 for CRK

It goes without saying that some of the best Cookies you can use are the Legendary, Super Epic, Dragon and Ancient Cookies – but some of the Epic ones are also worth mentioning, so I’ve decided to rank them all into a Cookie Run Kingdom Error Busters tier list, regardless of rarity.

(The Best)
– Golden Cheese Cookie (Ranged)
– Pure Vanilla Cookie (Heal)
– Pitaya Dragon Cookie (Charge)
– Moonlight Cookie (Magic)
– Crimson Coral Cookie (Defense)
– Fettucine Cookie (Defense)
– Burnt Cheese Cookie (Charge)
– Rockstar Cookie (Heal)
– Milky Way Cookie (Charge)
(Very Good)
– Sea Fairy Cookie (Bomber)
– Shining Glitter Cookie (Magic)
– Stardust Cookie (Ambush)
– Oyster Cookie (Support)***
– Madeleine Cookie (Defense)
– Milk Cookie (Defense)
– Captain Caviar Cookie (Bomber)
– Financier Cookie (Defense)
– Sorbet Shark Cookie (Ambush)
– Mala Sauce Cookie (Charge)
– Cocoa Cookie (Defense)
– Caramel Arrow Cookie (Ranged)
– Espresso Cookie (Magic)
– Strawberry Crepe Cookie (Defense)
– Cream Puff Cookie (Support)
– Black Raisin Cookie (Ambush)
– Sparkling Cookie (Heal)
– Red Velvet Cookie (Charge)
– Latte Cookie (Magic)
– Squid Ink Cookie (Magic)
– Prune Juice Cookie (Bomber)
– Carol Cookie (Heal)
– Macaron Cookie (Magic)
– Crunchy Chip Cookie (Charge)
– Moon Rabbit Cookie (Defense)
– Cotton Cookie (Support)
– Snow Sugar Cookie (Magic)
– Rye Cookie (Ranged)
– Poison Mushroom Cookie (Bomber)
– Werewolf Cookie (Charge)
– Dark Choco Cookie (Charge)
– Mint Choco Cookie (Support)
– Pastry Cookie (Ranged)
– Herb Cookie (Heal)
– Vampire Cookie (Ambush)
– Licorice Cookie (Magic)
– Yam Cookie (Charge)
– Parfait Cookie (Support)
– Cream Unicorn Cookie (Heal)
– Twizzly Gummy Cookie (Ranged)
– Affogato Cookie (Bomber)
– Almond Cookie (Support)
– Kumiho Cookie (Charge)
– Tiger Lily Cookie (Ranged)
– Pomegranate Cookie (Support)
– Chili Pepper Cookie (Ambush)
– Lilac Cookie (Support)
– Pinecone Cookie (Bomber)
– Peppermint Cookie (Support)
– Cherry Blossom Cookie (Ambush)
(The Worst)
– All Rare Cookies
– All Common Cookies
*** Oyster Cookie can work well if there is a dedicated Healer who is good, otherwise it’s not worth choosing her.

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The Best Team Formations for Error Busters

When it comes to having a solid team that can clear the waves quickly AND take down bosses, it all starts with team formation and Cookie roles. After that, it all depends on the Bug Fixes you get and how well they fit with your team.

Generally, a good team formation can work if you follow a format like this:

#Cookie 1Cookie 2Cookie 3Cookie 4Cookie 5
1. HealDMGDMGChargeCharge
3. HealHeal/SupportDMGDMGCharge/Defense

For most bosses, without a good Heal Cookie, you won’t be able to pass the stage, hence its necessity in every single comp. As for the front line, two Charge Cookies can work wonders, since they cover the front line and also have enough damage to let you get away with using 1 Heal (preferably Pure Vanilla Cookie).

Cookie Elements in Error Busters Season 2

Just like in Season 1, in Season 2 there are 5 Elements that can sometimes appear in your Bug Fixes. If you’re not quite sure which cookies belong to which element, use the table below to help you out:

Fire Type Cookies– Pitaya Dragon Cookie
– Mala Sauce Cookie
– Chili Pepper Cookie
– Rye Cookie
Water Type Cookies– Sea Fairy Cookie
– Squid Ink Cookie
– Captain Caviar Cookie
– Sorbet Shark Cookie
– Peppermint Cookie
– Crimson Coral Cookie
Poison Type Cookies– Poison Mushroom Cookie
– Affogato Cookie
– Prune Juice Cookie
– Alchemist Cookie
Light Type Cookies– Madeleine Cookie
– Financier Cookie
Earth Type Cookies– Golden Cheese Cookie
– Burnt Cheese Cookie
– Fettucine Cookie

All the other Cookies that are currently available in Error Busters Season 2 have no respective element, so even if they might SEEM like they belong to an element, they don’t. (I see you, Oyster and Pure Vanilla)

Which Are the Best Bug Fixes to Choose?

Oh, the difficult task of picking the best Bug Fixes each round. As a general rule of thumb, you always want to go for offensive Bug Fixes, so you can one-shot the waves using your AoE Cookies. However, it all depends on the Cookies you have in your team, as well as the ones you WILL get.

Usually, I wouldn’t recommend picking the Gold Bug Fixes if they won’t fit in your team, especially the ones that bait you with buffs for Golden Cheese Cookie (if she’s not on your team). Of course, you could pick them, but there is no guarantee that you’ll obtain her, so you’re better off choosing a lesser Bug Fix – Rare or Common – if that will buff your current Cookies even a little bit.

It’s also not ideal to go for element-type Bug Fixes if you don’t have the specific element Cookies on your team and are committed to keeping them. The game’s RNG sometimes tricks the players into picking let’s say a Light-type Bug Fix, only to give you Crimson Coral Cookie as a replacement for your Madeleine Cookie, and with that, your buff will be pointless.

I always recommend choosing the Gold Bug Fixes whenever possible, but make sure you read them through because it’s not really worth choosing them unless they absolutely fit well with your team. I also don’t particularly like the “Restore 30.0% of the Cookies’ HP whenever an ally Cookie falls. If the last Cookie is defeated, they will become Invulnerable for 10 sec”, because most of the time, if you only have one Defense or Charge as a front line, once they fall the entire team will follow suit.

So, in no particular order, here are some of the best Bug Fixes that I recommend you go for!


  • Summon a Bone Dragon with 100.0% ATK, 100.0% DEF, 100.0% HP 
  • ATK +5.0%, DEF +5.0%, HP +5.0% with each new wave (VERY good if you get it early)
  • Summon a meteor dealing 500.0% DMG every 10 sec
  • Gain ATK +1500 for hitting an enemy with a skill. Triggers only x1 times per wave
  • Cookies: CRIT% +30.0%
  • Cookies: Cooldown -25.0%
  • Allies: Cooldown with each defeated enemy -2 sec
  • DMG to bosses +25.0%
  • Deal extra True DMG equal to 10% of dealt DMG
  • Defense & Ranged Cookies: ATK SPD +80.0% (if you have Defense/Ranged)
  • Extra DMG for each 0.4% of ATK SPD increased (VERY good if you get the Common one that increases ATK SPD)
  • Data Fragments Rewards +200% (ALWAYS get this if you don’t think you have a chance of beating the last boss)
  • Ranged & Ambush Cookies: Cooldown with every Regular Attack -1 sec
  • Ally Cookie with the highest Max HP: grows in size, Max HP +30.0%, ATK +20.0%, DMG Received -10.0%


  • Cookies: CRIT% +20.0%
  • Cookies: Cooldown -15.0%
  • Target suffers from CRIT DMG +1.0% upon critical hit
  • Whenever a Ranged or Ambush Cookie deals Skill DMG, enemies receive -20.0 DEF for 5 sec (IF you have Ranged/Ambush)
  • Allies gain an HP Shield equal to 25.0% of the Cookie’s Max HP for 10 sec at the start of a wave
  • X & X Cookies: ATK +20%, Cooldown -10% (IF you have those Cookies)
  • Heal 20% of Cookie’s Max HP whenever a Charge or Defense Cookie uses their skill
  • Once per wave, when an ally’s Max HP hits 50.0% or lower, recover 2.5% HP every 1 sec for 10 sec


  • When an enemy is attacked by a Cookie, the Cookie deals extra DMG equal to 15.0% of ATK
  • Recover HP equal to 5.0% of Skill DMG
  • Cookies: CRIT DMG +30.0%
  • Cookies: ATK SPD +25.0%

If you have a Bone Dragon:

  • Summoned Creatures: ATK SPD +22.5% (Common)
  • Summoned Creatures: ATK +45.0% (Common)
  • Summoned Creatures: Lifetime +50.0%, ATK +100.0% (Gold)

Cookie Run: Kingdom Error Busters Season 2 Tips

Now that we’ve gone through all the basics, here is what I would recommend you do in order to have a successful run:

  • Make sure you have a GOOD front line. A good Defense or Charge Cookie is the only line of defense between your squishy team and the entire wave of enemies. You need to keep them alive at all costs, and always try to use one of the S+ tier Cookies, since they have the highest chances of getting you into that top %.
  • Honestly speaking, aside from Pure Vanilla Cookie and now Rockstar Cookie, all other Heal Cookies are subpar. Sometimes a good heal can come clutch from them, but most of them let you down mid-wave, so it’s best to try to secure one first chance you get, preferably on your first Loadout.
  • Don’t force yourself to pick a Gold Bug Fix if it doesn’t fit your team at all. Sometimes you’ll get a better return with a Common Bug Fix which is more general, rather than with a Gold one that relies on you getting a specific Cookie.
  • Make sure you level up your ATK and Crit first. These are the most important traits, and by now you should have them at level 20 at the very least (since the missions required that in Error Busters Season 1)
  • In the Exchange Shop, prioritize the Toppings, then the Light of Abundance, then whatever else you need.
  • Never start a run with Angel Cookie. It has attachment issues.

This should sum up the guide for Cookie Run Kingdom Error Busters Season 2. I’ve listed the Error Busters tier list as well as the best Bug Fixes that you can get, so if there’s anything else you would like me to explain about this event, don’t hesitate to drop a comment down below!

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