Cookie Run: Kingdom – Candy Diver Release!

The new Epic support, Candy Diver cookie is here, and it’s about to break the meta, aka, the way we play the game! But why? What makes Candy Diver that strong?

Candy Diver’s skill set makes it a totally one-of-one cookie. We are talking about a support cookie that can not only debuff the enemies by reducing their DEF, but can also amplify the damage of every other cookie on our team. On top of that, it can also heal its fellow cookies. So we are talking about a support that can heal and buff its team AND debuff the enemy. But, there’s more!

Cookie Run: Kingdom - Candy Diver!

Candy Diver is the first cookie to have the ‘Safeguarded‘ ability. Let’s see how this ability works

Deep-Sea Diver
Candy Diver Cookie’s regular attacks reduce the DEF of the nearest enemy and amplify the DMG they receive. Upon using their skill, Candy Diver Cookie will discover various relics from the deep sea and these relics can give buffs and heal other allies. The super success rate will increase depending on Candy Diver Cookie’s Amplify Buff rate. Every relic offers a different effect. Candy Diver Cookie has become immune to enemy attacks by obtaining the Safeguarded ability while wandering the depths of the Duskgloom Sea.
Cookies with the Safeguarded ability cannot be attacked in battles nor can they be defeated.

As Cookies that are Safeguarded do not have an HP stat, they cannot be included in calculating the average HP in certain battle modes.

The survival of Cookies with the Safeguarded ability will not affect the result of the battle: if all Cookies other than the Cookie with Safeguard have fallen. the battle will automatically end.

You can only place one cookie with Safeguarded on your team.

While ‘Safeguarded’, Candy Diver becomes pretty much immune to everything. Not only normal attacks, but also skills that affect a whole area, stuns, etc. cannot damage it.

Naturally, the release of such a strong cookie will change the meta, and we expect to see Candy Diver becoming a staple in every top team.

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