“I Played Cookie Run: Kingdom Every Day for 3 Years…” – A Cookie Run: Kingdom Review

Cookie Run: Kingdom: It's impossible to get bored with this one. OrangeTabby

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I’ve started playing this amazing game the day it came out, which is January 19th, 2021. That was more than 3 years ago, to date. I thought I could share my thoughts and progress in this Cookie Run: Kingdom review, so you guys can decide whether or not it’s a game you want to start playing.

First Thing That Comes to Mind: A Wholesome Experience

The game fits perfectly into that category of gacha games meets RPG meets cute graphics, which is exactly what I want from a game. As many of you who read this blog have noticed, I’ve been playing Illusion Connect and Revived Witch from the day of their release until they closed servers.

I honestly plan to do the same with Cookie Run: Kingdom, and as time goes by, I find myself liking it more and more. And the best part? I know millions of players feel the same way I do!

It’s a game where you get to summon millions and millions of times, the resources are plentiful, and the characters’ essence is shown exceptionally in each cookie design… should I continue? All in all, it’s everything a semi-casual player could want.

If You’re Not Strong Enough, Give It Time

I started like every other casual player. I summoned the first few cookies, played in the first few levels, expanded the kingdom (a little bit), and upgraded some buildings. None of that kept me as entertained as getting every cookie and expanding my gacha collection.

So, that’s what I did.

I spent every Crystal I had on the gacha, and I can safely say I regret nothing. It’s true, my buildings are not maxed out yet, my Storage is not maxed out yet (insert surprised Pikachu face here), and my Treasures are not level 12… yet. But do you know what I have? I have a collection of cookies that I am extremely proud of!

Whenever I couldn’t progress in the Story Mode, I spent time sending Balloon Expeditions, fulfilling wishes, doing events, or decorating my kingdom. Soon enough, I discovered that I was (once again) strong enough to clear a few more stages.

That is the way I progressed until now. Actually, even now, I haven’t finished all Beast-Yeast Exploration stages with 3*, and I am not upset about it!

Gacha for Everyone!

Let’s talk about the gacha aspect of the game. You get a lot of Crystals for free, and it takes 3000 Crystals to summon 10 times in any gacha. That’s super generous! Crystals are easy to get – you can get them from doing virtually anything, from claiming daily rewards to clearing story stages.

Every Arena reset or Cookie Alliance reset you find yourself having thousands of Crystals at your disposal, and if you need more cookies, the gacha is right there!

In over 10 years of gaming, Cookie Run: Kingdom is the first game I found where premium resources are not behind a brick paywall. That’s good from so many points of view, and I honestly couldn’t be happier. I believe that’s what keeps so many people playing, even years after its launch.

But… Is It P2W?

Every game could be considered P2W if it has a shop. People will find a way to make it P2W. That’s not to say you cannot win if you are F2P though. I have only started purchasing the Pass this year, and until now have never spent a dime in the game.

I’m extremely happy to say that every F2P player can find this game fun, enjoyable and catchy, so no matter if you want to spend money or not, Cookie Run: Kingdom has a place for you.

This is My Progress so Far…

When it comes to progress, this is how far I’ve come:

  • I’m only missing 2 Cookies to complete my collection (Matcha Cookie, Capsaicin Cookie)
  • I fully maxed out 1 Cookie (Cream Puff Cookie)
  • My highest Arena ranking was Elite II
  • I hit the top 500 in the Kingdom Decoration contest – yay!

Do I Recommend Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Do you love gachas, decorating, RPGs, a damn good narrative, PvP, and achieving a lot without having to spend money in a game? Then what are you doing? Go ahead and download Cookie Run: Kingdom right now, because it has all these, and more.

It was not easy writing a Cookie Run: Kingdom review after 3 years. I’ve had periods where I didn’t play for a few weeks at a time, periods where I was stuck and didn’t know what the next step should be, and periods where I played for 7 hours a day (I wish I was joking).

Let me know if you have any questions, or if there is something you would like me to write next! If you enjoyed this, you can also read the Cookie Run: Kingdom codes or tier list that I’ve made.

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