Cookie Run: Kingdom – Golden Cheese Cookie Toppings Build & Guide

This article is all about Her Majesty, the Golden Cheese Cookie! Below you will find a complete Cookie Run: Kingdom guide for Golden Cheese Cookie, along with her best toppings build and everything else there is to know.


Best toppings for Golden Cheese Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

At the moment, the best toppings for Golden Cheese Cookie are the following:

Main x5Reduces Skill Cooldown + Better Sub-Stats
Mainx5Increases ATK + Better Sub-Stats
Alternative x5Reduces Skill Cooldown
Alternative x5Increases ATK

Depending on the situation, Golden Cheese Cookie will need either ATK or Cooldown toppings, so Radiant Cheese Raspberry or Radiant Cheese Chocolate. It’s best if you have unlocked the extra toppings slots so you can change at will, but if you haven’t got there yet, it’s best to stick to the Radiant Cheese Chocolate even if they slightly decrease her overall Power.

If you don’t have the Radiant Cheese toppings, use normal Swift Chocolate or Searing Raspberry toppings.

How to get Golden Cheese Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

This character can be obtained in several ways:

  • Gacha
  • Arena Shop
  • Guild Medal Shop
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery

Golden Cheese Cookie Costumes

The Ever-Radiant Goddess costume is one of the best Epic costumes released in my opinion, and it is available through the usual costume gacha, or by spending 100 Rainbow Crystals to purchase it straight up.

Golden Cheese Cookie description & skill

Global release date

Golden Cheese Cookie was originally released on September 26, 2023.


Worship the Ever-Radiant Sovereign of the Golden City! Golden Cheese Cookie dwells in a gilded palace amidst the dunes of the Parmesan Desert. Cookies fall to their knees in exultation at the glimpse of her—body adorned with shining gold, godlike confidence, and magnificent wings. A mere flick of her wrist forms a golden mountain, another, a river—powers only a god can wield. Her greed knows no bounds, as this Cookie yearns for more to call her own, from treasures to even her faithful subjects. Following her desires, Golden Cheese Cookie filled the kingdom with riches, flowing freely like cheese fondue. She could’ve had it all: her eternal kingdom, the pinnacle of opulence and bliss. If it weren’t for that fated day, that is…


Brilliance of the Absolute: Upon using her skill, Golden Cheese Cookie throws her Spears of Radiance, dealing damage up to 8 times when there are five or more enemies. For each enemy defeated, she gains an extra Spear of Radiance. The number of Spears can increase to up to 12 in total. When hit by the spear, enemies receive a debuff amplifying the Earth-type damage received. While Golden Cheese Cookie is using her skill, she harnesses her Light of Abundance and hurls the Spear of the Absolute to the enemy Cookie with the highest ATK. The Spear of Absolute removes the target’s buffs, deals DMG, Explosion DMG, and additional DMG based on the current number of Spears of Radiance to all enemies in range. Once per battle, if Golden Cheese Cookie is about to be defeated, she encloses herself in a Sarcophagus for a certain period of time. While enclosed in her Sarcophagus, she casts a Shield around herself. This Shield takes the DMG dealt to nearby allies covered by it and provides Knockback Immunity. When using her skill, Golden Cheese Cookie is not affected by ATK Speed changes and is protected from the Glitch: Data Corruption effect by her Light of Abundance.

Should you use Golden Cheese Cookie?

At the moment, Golden Cheese Cookie is a must-have in every single team. No matter if you have an Earth team (where you obviously need her), an Ice team, or even a Water team, Golden Cheese Cookie is amazing.

Even at one star, she can be a great addition to any team, since her DPS is outstanding. So yes, you should definitely use Golden Cheese Cookie the moment you get her!

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