Cookie Run: Kingdom – Milky Way Cookie Toppings Build & Guide

In this article, we will cover a complete guide for Milky Way Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom, so by the end of it you’ll know which are the best toppings for it, how the skill works, how you can acquire the cookie, as well as whether or not it’s worth using Milky Way Cookie or not in your team comps.


Best Toppings for Milky Way Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

At the moment, the best toppings for Milky Way Cookie are the following:

Main x5Reduces Skill Cooldown + Better Sub-Stats
Alternative x5Reduces Skill Cooldown
Alternative x5Increases ATK

We recommend the Moonkissed Chocolate topping if you have it because it offers additional stats when compared to normal toppings. It’s the best option for you right now for Milky Way Cookie. If you don’t, then a normal Swift Chocolate or Searing Raspberry topping will do.

How to get Milky Way Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

This character can be obtained in many ways:

  • Gacha
  • Gacha Shop
  • Arena Shop
  • Guild Medal Shop
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery
  • World Exploration (Dark Stage 16-30) 

The best way to farm Soulstones for Milky Way Cookie is by farming Dark Mode, Stage 16-30. For Ascended Soulstones I’m still working on playing through the Master mode stages – I’ll get back to you with updates as soon as I know!

Milky Way Cookie Costumes

The Milky Way Resonance costume is a Special costume, which means it has its own gacha and cannot be obtained in any other way from the costume gacha.

Milky Way Cookie description & skill

Global release date

Milky Way Cookie was originally released on January 19, 2023.


Take a handful of star powder gathered from all over the Milky Way Galaxy, illuminate it with delicate moonlight—and voila! Meet Milky Way Cookie, the Slumbering Moon’s faithful servant and the conductor of the Sugarcloud Express that will take you to your sweetest dreams and back. Don’t be afraid and hop on: one sprinkle of Milky Way Cookie’s star powder is enough for a colorful, vibrant dream-just like reality but better! Everything is possible in the World of Dreams, and accidents happen, too: every now and then, the train’s floor disappears, and cars reshuffle randomly, leaving crowds of passengers in utter confusion. And right in the middle of the conductor’s scheduled nap time! But professionalism never betrays, and there is no problem Milky Way Cookie can’t sort out. Colorful hair neatly tied with a Star Jelly, conductor’s hat on, and choo choo! The Sugarcloud Express will deliver you to your dreamy destination according to the schedule. Just make a wish upon a twinkling star…!


Sugarcloud Express: Milky Way Cookie jumps onto her dream train, gaining a DMG Reduction buff and providing a Stun Resistance buff for the entire team. Then she will push back the enemies several times, applying a DEF Reduction debuff and dealing damage. Once she’s done with her shift, Milky Way Cookie will cast a Shield onto herself and the rest of the team. While Milky Way Cookie is using her skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects. Being a dweller of the World of Dreams, Milky Way Cookie is not susceptible to the Beckoning Dreams effect.

Should you use Milky Way Cookie?

At the moment, Milky Way Cookie is not exactly worth all the hype it gets. It’s one of the most adorable cookies out there but sadly is a little bit lackluster in terms of skill/power. You can use it to fill a spot on the team if you don’t have any others, but it’s not worth using it in the long run/end-game.

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