Cookie Run: Kingdom – Moonlight Cookie Toppings Build & Guide

In this article, we will cover a complete guide for Moonlight Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom, so if you’re eager to know which are the best toppings for her and much more, this is your guide. Let’s take a look at Moonlight Cookie’s best toppings and how to get her!


Best toppings for Moonlight Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

At the moment, the best toppings for Moonlight Cookie are the following:

Main x5Reduces Skill Cooldown + Better Sub-Stats
Alternative x5Reduces Skill Cooldown
Alternative x5Increases ATK

We recommend the Moonkissed Chocolate topping if you have it because it is her dedicated topping. It’s the best option for you right now since cooldown is key for her (with a base of 15 seconds). If you don’t have this yet, use normal Swift Chocolate or Searing Raspberry topping.

How to get Moonlight Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

This character can be obtained in several ways:

  • Gacha
  • Arena Shop
  • Guild Medal Shop
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery

Moonlight Cookie Costumes

How to get the Crescent Guardian costume

The Crescent Guardian costume for Moonlight Cookie is available only in the default costume Gacha, It’s a very rare costume, since it’s Legendary, and you have a probability of 0.100% when drawing to obtain it.

Moonlight Cookie description & skill

Global release date

Moonlight Cookie was originally released on January 19, 2023.


Moonlight Cookie’s graceful wavy hair shines under the night sky, elegant and mystical as ever. She was created by the ancient wizards and learned the secrets of the City of Wizards. Now, all the wizards are gone and she is the only one left to protect the city. She is the strongest while in her dreams, therefore is able to protect the city from intruders. Whenever she feels sad, she falls asleep, where she is able to lean by her friend Moon and draw in the night sky with her Star friends to cheer up.


Dream of the Night Sky: Moonlight Cookie falls asleep in the night sky and dreams a dream where stars fall onto the enemies’ heads, dealing damage and applying a DMG Increase debuff. Then, bright moonlight illuminates the battlefield, dealing damage to the enemies and putting them to Sleep. Enemies that didn’t fall Asleep become Drowsy and will eventually fall Asleep when their resistance statuses wear off. When Moonlight Cookie awakens, she will restore her own HP. She will also restore her own HP upon awakening from Sleep effects cast by enemies. Being a dweller of the World of Dreams, Moonlight Cookie is not susceptible to the Beckoning Dreams effect. (DMG relative to Max HP is capped at 300,000)

Should you use Moonlight Cookie?

Moonlight Cookie is a Legendary, which makes her viable regardless of the content and meta. She’s really good in the Arena, but you will not meet her there often (in high tiers) unless she is at least upgraded to 2 stars – or minimum one star, since she’s great at dealing AoE damage.

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