Cookie Run: Kingdom – Team Building Guide

There are many new players constantly asking for help in various forums about how can they build their team in Cookie Run: Kingdom. So we decided to put together a guide to help everyone who’s interested in creating or improving their teams.

Something to keep in mind is that this is about the very basics, the general idea of how we build a team in Cookie Run: Kingdom. And we are going to keep it very simple, not getting into super details and whatnot.

Of course, there are lists with the very best teams that you can simply copy, the problem is that you can’t always have the best cookies. And then what? Especially as a new player, or someone who doesn’t want to invest real money into this game, most of the time you simply have to make the best of what you have. And that’s what we are going to talk about in this article.

Also, it is important to point out that these tips are for PvE. Things in PvP are somewhat different and we won’t cover that aspect of the game here.

Team Composition

As a general rule of thumb, when we are putting together a team, we use the following number of cookies of each type.

Number of Defense Type Cookies: 1

Typically, one cookie of this type is in the front line of our team. This cookie’s role in the team is to absorb damage from the enemy team for its fellow cookies. Because of that, usually, you want full-almond.

List of Defense Cookies:

Defense Cookies are cookies that are consistently in the front line to safeguard the cookies behind them and have exceptionally high defense and HP. Their abilities primarily center around polishing different partners, taunting foes, and so on.

  • Avocado Cookie
  • Cocoa Cookie
  • Financier Cookie
  • Hollyberry Cookie *
  • Knight Cookie
  • Madeleine Cookie
  • Milk Cookie
  • Moon Rabbit Cookie *
  • Strawberry Cookie
  • Strawberry Crepe Cookie*
  • Wildberry Cookie

List of Charge Cookies

Charge-type cookies are typically more attack-oriented than defense ones. They are always placed in the front line of a team.

  • Crunchy Chip Cookie
  • Dark Cacao Cookie
  • Dark Choco Cookie*
  • GingerBrave Cookie
  • Kumiho Cookie
  • Mala Sauce Cookie
  • Muscle Cookie
  • Princess Cookie
  • Purple Yam Cookie
  • Raspberry Cookie
  • Red Velvet Cookie
  • Tea Knight Cookie
  • Werewolf Cookie

Number of Damage Type Cookies: 2-3

There are four different types of cookies whose primary role within a team is to simply damage the enemy. The more damage, the better. And for that, you want them to be either full chocolate or raspberry. Simple. With that said, here are the different cookie types that you can use as damage dealers on your team.

List of Ambush Cookies

  • Adventurer Cookie
  • Black Pearl Cookie
  • Black Raisin Cookie*
  • Cherry Blossom Cookie
  • Chili Pepper Cookie
  • Ninja Cookie
  • Pancake Cookie
  • Sonic Cookie
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie
  • Tails Cookie
  • Vampire Cookie

List of Magic Cookies

  • Blackberry Cookie
  • Clotted Cream Cookie
  • Devil Cookie
  • Espresso Cookie
  • Frost Queen Cookie
  • Latte Cookie
  • Licorice Cookie*
  • Mango Cookie
  • Pumpkin Pie Cookie
  • Snow Sugar Cookie
  • Squid Ink Cookie
  • Wizard Cookie

List of Bomber Cookies

  • Affogato Cookie
  • Alchemist Cookie
  • Captain Caviar Cookie
  • Cherry Cookie
  • Gumball Cookie
  • Poison Mushroom Cookie
  • Sea Fairy Cookie

List of Ranged Cookies

  • Beet Cookie
  • Caramel Arrow Cookie
  • Pastry Cookie
  • Rye Cookie
  • Tiger Lily Cookie
  • Twizzly Gummy Cookie

Number of Support Type Cookies: 0-1

If you have a very good support cookie, then you probably should run two damage cookies and one support type. If you don’t have a good one, you can simply use three damage types instead.

List of Support Cookies

  • Almond Cookie
  • Candy Diver Cookie
  • Carrot Cookie
  • Clover Cookie
  • Cotton Cookie
  • Cream Puff Cookie
  • Eclair Cookie
  • Fig Cookie
  • Lilac Cookie
  • Mint Choco Cookie
  • Onion Cookie
  • Oyster Cookie
  • Parfait Cookie
  • Pomegranate Cookie

Number of Healing Cookies: 1

Usually, you want one cookie of this type in your team. You can use either full-almonds or full-raspberries.

List of Healing Cookies

  • Angel Cookie
  • Cream Unicorn Cookie
  • Custard Cookie
  • Herb Cookie
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie
  • Sparkling Cookie

Hopefully, now you understand the very basics of team building in Cookie Run: Kingdom. If you are missing a specific cookie, simply use the next best available cookie that you have for that role.

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