Eroica Tier List – The Best Characters Ranked

Eroica is the latest JRPG by FourThirtyThree Inc. The game currently features over 60 characters that you can choose from to create a team that can tackle the different game modes. From campaign to arena, and from special events to boss fights, there’s a lot of content to cover, but as it is with every gacha game, the resources are somewhat limited. So the question is, which are the best characters that worth investing on? Below we give you our opinion on the best Eroica characters as we rank nearly all of them in tiers starting from D (lowest), all the way to S (higher).

About the characters ranking

Since we only like to write about things that we have personal experience about, we decided to exclude the Arkham characters. It takes about a month to get each of them, and so there was no time for that. Also, as a newcomer to the game, you will probably be done with the campaign until then, so what’s the point? Later on we might update our lists to include them if there’s a need for that. Our main concerns in ranking the characters were their capabilities in campaign mode primarily. Of course, their performance in PvP and in certain game modes and events was also taken into consideration. Last but not least, the amount of investment a character requires in order to perform was also something that we had to think about.

S Tier

  • Orlasha
  • Mileva
  • Wraith
  • Sei
  • Muto
  • Kipukirui

Even though generally when it comes to tier lists there are different opinions, in this case everyone agrees that Orlasha is S tier. She brings a lot of damage to her team, both single target and area damage, which is super important in campaign mode but in PvP as well.

Mileva is another unit that can dish out huge amounts of damage. Depending on your build, she can go either for damage over time (burn stacks) or straight up burst damage. Both of her active skills are aoe and can hit the whole enemy team.

Sei is simply the best tank in Eroica. He can keep his team alive with a huge shield he has on his 3rd skill, and he can also take some share damage for his teammates. Long story short, if you want a tank to round up your team, he’s your guy.

Muto is simply the best healer in the game currently, and she also can cleanse negative effects from her allies. If you need a healer on your team, she’s the number one option, even though you will have to invest in her some resources. She’s a staple in most PvP teams too.

Wraith has very good area damage, but the main reason why she’s an S Tier is her ability to make enemies unable to heal. This is super handy in PvP mode, but as well as in many boss fights.

Kipukirui is excellent when it comes to PvP and boss fights. The reason is her kit, which allows her to steal enemy buffs.

A Tier

  • Gaffs
  • Guts
  • Xenia
  • Mintz
  • Helena
  • Nero
  • Marion

We have to start the A tier with Gaffs. I was thinking to put her into S Tier because her ability to dish out single target damage is the highest in game. The problem is, when it comes to campaign at least, having area damage makes your life a lot easier. In PvP and boss fights, she’s excellent.

Xenia is another damage dealer that can hit the whole enemy team. She’s very good at what she does, it’s just that the characters in S tier can do it a little bit better. Once she reaches max ascension, she can form a very good combo with Mileva since her damage scales off burn stacks.

Marion is a very solid alternative to Muto, especially if you are a free to play player since you get a ton of free shards for her. You do need her to be at least 3 star.

Mintz is a fantastic unit for PvP and pretty ok for campaign so, he ends up in A Tier.

Helena is similar to Gaffs. High single target damage, which is amazing during boss fights and also in PvP.

Nero is a solid option for AoE damage, it’s just that the units in the above tier do it better.

Guts has a very interesting kit that revolves around stealing buffs and extending debuffs on enemies. Solid unit overall.

B Tier

  • Letinia
  • Soarce
  • Florence
  • Noah
  • Freyja
  • Luna
  • Stella
  • Destar

Stella and Destar are mainly healers, and there are just better alternatives to them. That said, they are still solid options if you can invest in them. Florence offers decent area damage and the fact that you can get a lot of free shards for her make this unit an ok choice, especially for F2P players. Freyja is another damage dealer with area damage, she’s in this tier because simply she loses the battle to the other characters in the above tiers. Letinia is an overall fantastic support unit with a very interesting kit. Thing is, in campaign mode, you don’t need that. Luna is a single target damage dealer, but again, there are better options than her. Soarce is the only unit in the game which has area damage on her 1st skill. She has a somewhat decent heal, but that’s pretty much it. Noah is also a character that brings ok healing and damage, but nothing amazing.

C Tier

  • Lisa
  • Len
  • Felicia
  • Cursebay
  • Milena

Cursebay and Milena have the potential to be good units, but you have to literally max them out (ascension and gears) for them to be useful. And even then, there are better options really. Len is a tank but he’s simply not Sei. So there’s no place for him in a team as things are now. Same goes for Lisa who’s a counter-tank. Felicia has good base stats, and she can be good in PvP, just her kit isn’t as useful in campaign mode.

D Tier

  • Sumi
  • Ekaterina
  • Emuwald
  • Nene
  • Carcarson
  • Verol
  • Chloe

Verol was the first 3 star I pulled, and I was super excited about it since Berserker is one of my favourite classes in various games. Sadly, Verol was a let-down, since he will simply die once his Berserker stacks ran out. Carcarson is another character with no defense whatsoever and a gimmick skill-set. Sumi has the potential to deal high single target damage with her bleeds, but the thing is she needs a ton of investment and by then you will be done with the campaign. Emuwald even though he has an interesting set, he can’t really find a place in a team. Same goes for Ekaterina which has good base stats, but there are simply much better options than her currently. Nene has an interesting kit, but she’s very RNG based.

*Sylvia is currently bugged, so I’ve decided not to include her in the rankings.

That’s all for our Eroica characters tier list. Check back on this page as new character releases might bring changes to the current meta. We’ll try to keep the rankings up to date.

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