How to get more Stamina in Revived Witch | Stamina spending guide

Stamina is arguably one of the most important resources in Revived Witch. With it, you can farm the Dreamworld stages for equipment, Mana, skill upgrading materials, or various other useful items to upgrade your characters.

However, Stamina is also extremely scarce once you’ve used it up. This guide will give you a complete guide on how to get more Stamina every single day, and what the best way to spend it is.

Of course, the one main Stamina spending instance will be the story mode – after you finish that though, you’ll be able to spend most of your Stamina on upgrading your characters and farming for better equipment. So, how do you get more Stamina? Let’s dive straight into the guide!

What is Stamina?

Starting with the very basics, Stamina is the resource every player spends on completing the main story stages or any of the Dreamworld stages. Long story short, any instance where you spend Stamina will reward you with EXP that will help you level up your account.

When your Stamina reaches 0, you can either choose to refill it or to wait until it automatically refills.

One Stamina point replenishes every 5 minutes.

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How to get more Stamina in Revived Witch?

Below you can find all the ways you can currently gain Stamina in the game, both f2p and paid.

  • You can get more Stamina by completing all your Daily Missions (in Commission Board)
  • Your Stamina automatically refills each time you level up (you get the equal points of Stamina as your Max Stamina – max 120)
  • You can complete certain quests which reward you with Stamina (some Achievements)
  • You can buy the premium monthly pack with $4.99 which grants one Stamina bottle every day, as well as Souls, and lasts for 30 days.
  • You can buy Stamina with Souls, up to 10 times a day.

Now for the Stamina that you purchase with Souls, there is a twist – the Souls you have to pay per refill increase up to 150 Souls/refill.

40 60 90 120 150 150 150 150 150 150

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Is it worth spending Souls to purchase Stamina?

No matter if you want to complete the story slowly or rush through it in one sitting, you should always try to purchase Stamina at least 3 to 4 times every day. The amount of Souls it costs to get a Stamina refill is definitely worth it, and you will always find a use for it.

So the answer if it would be worth spending Souls on Stamina is a clear yes, it is. In order to upgrade your units you’ll need a lot of Mana, and the Mana dungeon costs 30 Stamina per run (per 500k Mana at max level). So, it’ll take a lot of runs to level up even one Doll to max – not to mention the other dungeons.

According to Redditor u/My_Son723 who did the math, this is the conclusion they came up with:

Every single day you refresh 10x, you lose 1,020 souls compared to 3x refreshers, but progress at 2.296x their speed.

Effectively every WEEK you max refresh, compared to 3x refreshers, you gain: 2.3x the equipment, 2.3x the mana, progress through the skill tree 2.3x faster, etc. BUT you lose out on 1020soul*7days = 7140 souls, or 35.7 pulls. (65.65USD worth of value, ~1.839USD/pull is what I calculated in a previous post)

Now, that isn’t as much money as it sounds like since full FTP players gain about 46.99USD worth of value weekly just by doing dailies, clearing broken lands, and getting ~2.5 soul runs/day from the Mirror of the Otherworld. And just getting the monthly card adds ~10USD/week to that (NOT EVEN including the instant 30 Dia or daily stam refill, I’m only counting the souls), which is insane value for a $5/month purchase.

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What should I spend my Stamina on?

The answer to this is not that simple – it all depends on the current state that you’re at in the game since sometimes you want to progress in the story, while other times you need Mana or Ascension materials.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend rushing through the story, but taking it slowly and upgrading your Dolls as much as possible. Mana is always something worth farming for, and you will need lots of it. So, it really doesn’t matter how you spend your Stamina as long as you keep on progressing!

In conclusion

No matter how you want to progress, you should at least refill Stamina 3 times a day with Souls. You will need the equipment, Mana and Ascension materials eventually, so it’s better to just stock up on Stamina ahead of time – it’s also extremely cost-effective.

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