Revived Witch: Re-roll Guide and Best Units

As it often happens with every Gacha game, RNG is one of players ‘worst nightmares’. You may very well spend all of your resources on a banner, in hopes to get your desired character and end up broke, without even getting anything decent in return. Every Gacha player has been there at least a few times.

Even though in Revived Witch, there are many good units, and many viable team formations that can get through the main quest, it is essential to start the game on a good note.

What that simply means is this: Get some very good characters that can make your in-game life easier.

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Luckily, as a new player in Revived Witch, you can do that and, it’s very simple. Once you complete the tutorial, you will unlock the ‘1st Limited Edition banner‘ and you’ll be able to summon 10x units for free.

If you don’t like what you got, you can simply select the re-roll option. You get 100x free re-rolls, so feel free to spam it until you get your desired unit(s).

What if you run out of free rerolls?

To be completely honest, the best and easiest way to reroll in Revived Witch would be to start the game on a different device – or, if you’re playing on an emulator, run the multi-instance and start a couple of Guest accounts. It’s difficult to reroll the ‘classical’ way, by just going into your App Settings and clearing the data, and I couldn’t get it to work for me.

However, I did try playing the game on a number of different accounts (started on phone, then moved to emulator) and I kept re-rolling until I got the units I wanted (Tuonel and Mayahuel). After that, I linked the account with the pull I liked to my desired account, and voila!

According to other sources, you can reroll by editing some files on your device if you have it rooted, but having no prior experience with that, I prefer to avoid it.

‘1st Limited Edition Banner’ – Best Units to pull


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Why should you pull one of these units?

If you’re not sure why you should pull for either of these units, read the explanation below each image.

Afallen is considered to be the best guardian in the game at the moment. She’s a core member of the Magic team, which is the most ‘meta’ team. If you want to follow the meta, you should try to re-roll until you get that unit.
Keep in mind, you might only be able to acquire 1 UR unit during this summon, but there’s no limit when it comes to SSR characters.

Tuonel is the best healer in the game, and she can not only heal and shield allies but also buff their ATK. That makes her a must-have, especially if you will pull Ella sometime in the future from the Dream Maelstrom or from the gacha. She’s also the only UR healer in the game right now.

Ushpia is a SSR Mercury (blue) Mage who has the ability to deal Poison Damage Over Time (DoT) to all the enemies. She works amazingly in PvE and in PvP, and she’s got great synergy with Afallen. It would be ideal if you manage to pull them two together in the beginner gacha, and then you’re pretty much set.

Mayahuel is another SSR Mercury (blue) Mage who also deals AoE damage, but instead of applying DoT, she deals massive amounts of Magic DMG and is able to also apply a Magic DEF reduction. Later on, after you unlock the Natural Law node, she will also provide some healing to the team.

In case you get extremely unlucky, and you can’t get any decent units, you can always create a new account and repeat the process.

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