Revived Witch Best Teams

If you want to find the best teams in Revived Witch, the answers are on this page. Check out the best team compositions and doll pairings for each attribute in the game!

Early vs Late Game Teams

Something important to point out is that your team during the early stages of the game will look something like this:

  • Damage Dealer (3rd Slot)
  • Support (2nd Slot)
  • Tank (1st Slot)

This is what is considered to be a standard composition, and it can really be a solid team. Solid enough to get you through most of the adventure and into the later stages of the game. That said, to tackle the end-game content of Revived Witch, either specific adventure stages or events (Evil’s Return), you are going to need to tweak that line-up a little bit.

The one big major change is that later on in the game you want your support unit to act as the front line of the team. The whole point of this strategy is to maximize the team’s damage output.

Revived Witch – Best Mercury Teams

The Mercury element used to be meta for a long time. With the release of new dolls though, the meta shifted to Brimstone, but Mercury is still a very solid team that can deal a ton of magic damage.

There are many options when it comes to Mercury team compositions. Amanami plus Mineer work extremely well together, and they dominated the meta for a long time. Depending on the dolls that you have, there are other options such as Afallen that can be your frontline. Eddine or La Crima can replace Amanami. Mayahuel , Usphia can be alternative choices to Mineer.

Revived Witch – Best Brimstone Teams

Even though Tuonel is Saltstone element, she has to be here as this team is all about Isabel and her ability (Suffered, 2nd skill) to consume all the existing Chaos Energy to hit the target. With every extra Chaos Energy point consumed, each hit deals bonus damage equal to 200% (at level 5) of ATK. This comp is straight-up a boss killer. Amorai is another Chaos generator Doll as she recovers 2 Chaos energy when using her 1st skill Diagnosis.

For stages where you need some type of front-line, you can use Caledonia instead of Tuonel and activate the full Brimstone buff.

Revived Witch – Best Saltstone Teams

If you have been playing Revived Witch for a while there’s no way you haven’t stumbled upon this team a few times. This Saltstone composition is everyone’s favorite and for a good reason. Obviously, this is a team that revolves around Ella and Tuonel and Metamorphoses provide the ideal support. Ella once in Dragon Form can reduce the enemies Physical DEF by 30% of her ATK. Tuonel is Chaos generator doll due to her passive, plus she will keep her allies alive with her amazing heals. Metamorphoses provide damage with her 2nd skill (Chaos consumption) plus various buffs with 1st skill.

Parfait or Kapla could be your other two options as alternatives to Ella.

Good vs Bad Pairings

The process of forming a team is more in-depth than merely pairing up two top-tier UR dolls of the same element. How well the dolls synergize in terms of skills and resources is of great importance. Here are some good and bad pairings to give you an idea:

Good Pairing

  • AfallenMineer: This pair works very well because the two dolls do not compete for resources. Afallen provide magic defense shred using Chaos energy while Mineer damage skill use Order.

Bad Pairing

  • AfallenMayahuel: Even though Afallen is a top tier Mercury guardian and Mayahuel is a very solid Mercury damage dealer, pairing these two isn’t ideal. Both provide magic defense shred using Chaos energy. Their roles overlap and they compete for resources during the outbreak phase.

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No matter how strong a team is, the specifics of each stage must be taken into consideration. There are bosses who are immune to magic damage for example, so no matter how good your mercury team is, it will be useless against it. Also, using the correct gear for your dolls, will greatly boost their overall performance.

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