Revived Witch Team Building Guide

When it comes to team building in Revived Witch, there is no right and wrong – only viable, less viable and downright broken. In this guide, we’re going to do a complete team building breakdown so you can better understand the thought behind some of the best teams in Revived Witch in the current meta.

We’re going to start off with some very basic tips about deploying units and what each slot in the team formation means, as well as which Doll type should be placed there. Feel free to use the buttons below to help you navigate the guide easier if you’re looking for something in particular!

The strongest team in the game

Even though this is a general team building guide, where we explain the role of each unit in your team and what each position means, it will be helpful to take a closer look at the strongest team at the moment and understand how it works. By doing so, we can then apply the same basic principles and create different teams.

Best team formation breakdown

At the moment, the most prevalent team formation that is considered to be ‘meta’, is the Mercury (Blue Type) Magic one. The core members of this team are:

How does that team function and why is that strong?

This team formation is a very standard front to back one. Meaning, we have a tank in the front, a damage dealer in the middle, and a support unit at the back. Let’s take a closer look to see what each character brings to the table with more detail. Starting from the front of the team, we have Afallen, then Mineer in the middle, and Amanami in the back.


Afallen is the first Doll on the team, and she’s a mandatory character to make this team work.

Her first skill is Barrier and it costs 3 Order points. When Afallen casts Barrier:

  • Generates a shield that absorbs incoming damage equal to a percentage of her max health.
  • Redirects all damage dealt to allies to herself within the next 10 seconds.
  • During those 10 seconds, her Physical and Magic resistances are increased, plus for the first 2 seconds she’s immune to all damage.

In short, not only does she taunt enemies and keeps the other two members of the formation safe, but also gets higher defences plus immunity for 2 seconds.

Her second skill, Holy Radiance, costs 3 Chaos energy and it’s essentially a debuff. When she casts Holy Radiance:

  • Deals damage to all enemies
  • Dispells all their buffs
  • Reduces their Magic defence by 40% of Afallens Defence for 10 seconds.

As we clearly see, Afallen isn’t only a super tank, but she’s also a great debuffer. Dispelling buffs goes a long way obviously, but also since this is a team that does Magic damage, reducing her enemies’ Magic Defence means that this debuff is super effective.

Her passive skill, Light of the Sanctuary, procs Holy Radiance after Afallen takes damage for X amount of times, without spending Energy.


In the middle of the formation, we have Mineer. A UR Mercury Mage, which is our main damage dealer. Let’s take a look at her skills:

Her first skill, Overflowing Magic, is a single target Magic attack that costs 2 Order energy. Upon cast, consumes all Order energy to attack repeatedly. How many times, depends on the amount of Order energy consumed.

  • The first attack deals Magic damage based on a percentage (scales with skills level) of Mineer’s attack, and every subsequent attack deals 7% more damage.

Her second skill, Moonlight, costs 3 Chaos energy and it’s a single target Magic attack.

  • Deals Magic DMG based on Mineer’s ATK, to a single target and apllies Magic Spread.
  • Magic Spread causes the target to take additional damage when attacked by Mineer, based on a percentage of her ATK.

Her passive, Waxing Moon, gives Mineer chances to generate 1 Order energy whenever she deals damage and also increases her damage by a certain % for 5 seconds.

This skill works extremely well with her first active skill. Lastly, at the back, we have Amanami, a UR Mercury Compeller.


Amanami is a UR Mercury Compeller. Her main role in the formation is to provide utility and support for the other two units. Let’s see her skills.

Radiant Wheel , is her first skill and it costs 3 Order Energy. What it does:

Generates 1 Order Energy and heals all allies for a percentage of Amanami’s Attack. Also, increases all allies ATK by 15% for 10s.

This skill has very good synergy with Mineer’s Overflowing Magic.

Her second skill, Seigaiha has no cost. It charges every time a skill is used in the battle. At 4 charges, Amanami automatically casts this skill.

Upon cast, it deals Magic damage to all enemies, plus increases the Magic Damage enemies take for a duration of time.

Another Magic defense debuff which essentially means, more damage.

Her passive, Kalavin, increases all allies damage dealt by a percentage for 5 seconds. Can stack up to 40%

Alternative Units for Mercury/blue team

In Revived Witch, there are many units that do similar things. The difference between them is that the higher rarity ones are like an upscale version of the lower rarity ones.

For example:

You will see similar skills in various units and for a concrete example, you have Luan (SSR) who has a similar kit to Ella (UR). They both have the ability to dispel the enemy’s buffs and reduce their defenses, although one of them reduces the Physical DEF while the other reduces the Magic DEF.

Let’s say you want to run a Magic Team, similar to the one mentioned above, but you don’t have these exact same units. Well, Luan can replace Afallen, they do pretty much the same thing even tho Afallen does it better. If you are missing, Mineer, you can use another Magic damage dealer such as Mayahuel or Usphia. Instead of Amanami you can use Czerni or Arcana, units that have the same role within the team.

You can even use a character of a different Type if that’s what you have. The buff you get for having a single Type team isn’t THAT amazing, but of course, if you want to try and min-max your damage, everything matters.

Other viable Mercury team formations

First off, any Mercury team revolves around Afallen as a front line. At the moment she’s the best, but we will see what next week’s update brings.

By examining closer the top formation in the meta and understanding how the characters synergize, we can apply the same strategy and build teams of any type, based on the available units. You will go for a tank unit in the front, a damage dealer, and a support to back them up.

At the start of the game, or until you get all the units you want, your Mercury team could look something like this:

  • Pakane – Ushpia – Afallen / any 3 Mercury units as backup

This is the most fortunate situation if you decide to reroll for both Afallen and Ushpia at the start and obtain a Pakane too (who is great at stun locking units).

  • Witch – Mayahuel – Goorveig / Pakane – Ushpia – Afallen/Luan

This team is also very good when it comes to unlimited damage and tanking for days. Goorveig is an absolute monster, especially when teamed up with a few units that can deal damage and provide some support.

For example, a Saltstone team formation would look something like this: Tuonel, Tama, Ella.

That’s all for our Revived Witch Team Building Guide. If you have any questions or something that you would like us to add, let us know in the comment section down below.

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