Soul Knight Prequel – Stormshaman Build Guide (Season 1 Xandu)

As the title suggests, in this guide we talk about everything as it pertains to Stormshaman in Soul Knight Prequel (Season 1 Xandu). We go in-depth about skill point distribution, playstyle, stats, and everything else that you want to know before you pick up this class.

About Stormshaman in Soul Knight Prequel

Stormshaman is a combined (aka prestige) class in Soul Knight Prequel. It builds from the basic classes of Tempest Mage and Herbalist. Even though there are many ways to go about it, the build that I’m going to talk about in this guide leans more on the Herbalist side and of course, it takes advantage of some key Stormshaman skills and passives like Elemental Overload.

I should let you know that the Herbalist class can only be unlocked by purchasing the Season 1 battle pass.

Stormshaman – Skill Points Distribution

Let’s break down what the skill distribution looks like for this build.

Herbalist Skill Tree

Toxic Mastery: 4/4
Leafstorm: 4/4
Noxious Aura: 4/4
Replenish: 2/4
Corrosive Cloud: 4/4*

Leafstorm is the main DPS in our skill rotation and it makes the Stormshaman map clear just fantastic. It will kill everything on our screen and even further without us having to do much.

Since this build is dealing with Poison damage, maxing out Toxic Mastery, Noxious Aura and Corrosive Cloud is a no-brainer. Replenish lets us gain back charges and it also gives us Knockback immunity which can be really helpful.

Stormshaman Skill Tree

Elemental Overload:4/4
Aeolian Chant:4/4
Trinity Traveler:4/4
Survival of the Fittest:2/4

Aeolian Chant is what will sustain our HP and MP without having to worry about potions or anything else. On top of that, it will also help the DPS department and it will grant us Overload.

Overload grants a ton of beneficial stats. It boosts all damage, attack, and movement speed, plus it gives us knockback resistance and flat damage reduction.

Survival of the Fittest simply adds more damage to the equation.

Tempest Mage Skill Tree

Smooth Sailing:1/4
Basic Training:4/4
Tempest Aura:4/4
Resistance Conditioning:2/4

As I mentioned above, this build leans heavily on the Herbalist class so there’s not a lot going on with the Tempest Mage skill tree.

Smooth Sailing synergizes well with Survival of the Fittest as it gives chances to inflict ailments. Tempest Aura grants extra Cold and Shock damage. If you have enough resistances you can take out Resistance Conditioning and use the points on either Shatter or Shatter and Smooth Sailing.

Stormshaman – Stats Distribution

Strenght. Just that. We don’t care about DEX since we rarely use auto attacks and we don’t care about INT either. So put everything that you get into STR. Simple.

When it comes to your APEX points, you want to put 50 points into STR, and 25 to DEX and INT. It’s pretty standard.

Stormshaman – Gears and Fatebound Effects

Doombringer, Spirit of the Darkened Airbender, and Strength Boost are all great options as your Fatebound effects. Toxic Cloud is a good option too at least for the earlier stages of the game.

You can play around with different¬†Boons¬†of Valkyrie but in general, I believe Laevateinn, Wake of Jormugand, and Loki’s Ordnance are some of the best. Some other good options would be Freya’s Bulwark and Gungnir the Truepiercer. In any case, you can play around with the different options and see which one you like the most.

Stormshaman Gameplay

The gameplay of Stormshaman is pretty straightforward. Turn on your two aura skills and just spam Leaftstorm and Aeolian Chant. Just run through the map and see everything die all over your screen. It’s that easy.

Against hard elites and bosses, you should use Corrosive Cloud for some extra damage. Replenish will add one extra charge to Aeolian Chant and Leafstorm so just use it on cooldown whenever you can. While we are at it, make sure to take a look at the latest Soul Knight Prequel Codes. Redeem them to claim various rewards! Do it before they expire!

Even though Stormshaman isn’t designed to facetank enemies, Aeolian Chant can sustain you in pretty much every situation. That said, it’s always better to keep your distance and take advantage of your range.

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