Illusion Connect Nicola Character Guide

illusion connect nicola awakened

A character that many players rerolled at the very beginning of the game, Nicola, is a Partner that just received Awakening. Nicola is one of the few Sorcerers that has a lot of uses in multiple teams thanks to her versatile kit which constantly decreases the enemy’s DMG Res Rate. That alone makes Nicola a … Read more

Illusion Connect Campanella Character Guide

illusion connect campanella

Today we’ll check out the complete Campanella guide in Illusion Connect. Campanella is a disgustingly powerful partner that is more like an attacker rather than a healer – she can deal a lot of single target damage, making her a force to be reckoned with in PvP. In this article, you can find everything you … Read more

Illusion Connect Haruka Character Guide

illusion connect haruka

Today we’ll check out the complete Haruka guide in Illusion Connect, the character that can deal millions in critical damage and torment the Leaders in any team imaginable. Haruka is a powerful attacker who specializes in single target damage, and if you want to know how to make use of her skills in the best … Read more