Illusion Connect Ashwaya Character Guide

Next up, it’s time to finally review one of the characters that receive the most love/hate reactions… ever! Of course, it’s Ashwaya – the character that makes an appearance in every banner, even if she’s not featured in it. Somehow she will find a way to be summoned by you, at least 10 times.

All jokes aside, since Ashwaya has received the mini “rework” (or adjustment if you may) she’s a pretty decent unit. She is especially good in PvP, where you can just overwhelm the opponent with numbers. Her kit is not too crazy, but the fact that she fills the entire board with Nightmares is brilliant.

If given the correct gear, Ashwaya’s Nightmares can destroy opponents in a matter of seconds. They all deal % of Ashwaya’s ATK and receive % of her HP, so they can also be fairly tanky.

In this article, you can find everything you need to know about Ashwaya, as well as which equipment would be best for her. So without further ado, let’s check it out!

Illusion Connect Ashwaya Bio

Name: Ashwaya Caffrey
Age: 27
Birthday: September 13
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Cup: B
Identity: Mercenary
Personality: Super cold
Dislike: Boredom
Like: War

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Rarity: SSR
Class: Summon
Energy cost: 17
Faction: Uroboros

Ahwaya’s skills (max)

Passive: Every Wandering Nightmare on the battlefield increases Ashwaya’s ATK by 22%. When a Nightmare dies, 100% ATK DMG is dealt to enemy Sorcerers.

Unique: Ashwaya summons Nightmares all across the board. They inherit 120% of Ashwaya’s ATK, 0% of her DEF and 50% of her HP. After summoning, allows all Nightmares to immediately launch 1 round of attacks.

Special: Controls a Nightmare servant and crashes it into the enemy. Attacks a single enemy and deals ATK*240% damage, restoring 100 Rage. Chance to use skill 30%.

Normal attack: Attacks a single enemy and deals ATK*105% damage.

Lens Recharge Stats

  • 3* effect: Increases basic ATK and HP by 10%
  • 4* effect: Increases basic HP by 20% | Unique skill inherits 95% (+25%) ATK from Ashwaya
  • 5* effect: Increases basic ATK by 20% | Passive skill increases ATK by 22% for each Wandering Nightmare present
  • 6* effect: Chance to use Special skill +15% | Special skill restores 100 Rage
  • Awakening effect: Increases DMG Rate and DMG Res Rate 10% | Unique skill – after summoning, allows all Nightmares to immediately launch 1 round of attack.

The Best Equipment for Ashwaya


In my opinion, this is the best equipment for Ashwaya in Illusion Connect. You want to give her pretty much everything that grants ATK or ATK to summoned, since all of her summoned Nightmares inherit damage based on Ashwaya’s flat ATK.

Therefore, I believe for a weapon Maharaj’s Punishment (UR) is hands-down the best there is. It is her own UR weapon. For the armor piece, I think Scarlet Cuirass is pretty decent in addition to Maharaj’s Crown (UR). There may be better options, but I like the ATK % increase for each incoming attack.

The reason why I believe Scarlet Warboots are great on Ashwaya is because they grant ATK%. When it comes to the accessory, Maharaj’s Vessel (UR) or Lord Autumn’s Piece (UR) are also perfect fits for Ashwaya, since they both grant the summons even more ATK%.

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Ahwaya’s lore

If you are interested in reading the lore behind Ashwaya as a character and how she came to be the way she is, you can check out the story below. It is unlocked by increasing your intimacy level with her.

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illusion connect banner dating


Pick the following answer when dating Ashwaya:

Scenario 1

  • Answer 1: Perhaps they can still be saved?
  • Answer 2: Do you have a selection criteria for your specters?
  • Answer 1: No, I don’t like meaningless battles.
  • Answer 2: If that day really comes, I will do my best to stop you.
  • Answer 1: Then I am charming.

Scenario 2

  • Answer 1: War is peace.
  • Answer 2: Because life is equal.
  • Answer 2: …Your thoughts are very extreme. But it has its justifications.
  • Answer 2: Because amusement parks always bring joy and happiness.
  • Answer 1: The greatest thing in this world is life.

Scenario 3

  • Answer 1: …What a coincidence…
  • Answer 2: If you want to talk games, I won’t be sleepy!
  • Answer 2: These bloodless games and war are not comparable at all!
  • Answer 2: Let me see… I already missed the best time for development. Maybe I should wait for the new area to open up.
  • Answer 2: Sure. But you need to spend real money for early development. Are you ready for that?

Is there anything else you’d like me to cover? Let me know down in the comments section below!

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