Illusion Connect Nefir Character Guide

Nefir is the next Illusion Connect character we’re going to take a look at, for one reason and one reason only – when she first got released, it was kinda confusing finding the right equipment for her. Therefore, I decided to create a guide explaining why specific gear works better for her.

Since Nefir is a Sorcerer, you can probably imagine that she’s a character with a lot of AoE damage, or some sort of utility that can be handy to a Sorcerer team. However, that’s not exactly the case. Nefir does have AoE damage, but it’s not that high. She does have utility though, but in order to make her work, you need to have a certain level of understanding of the game.

In this article, you can find everything you need to know about Nefir, as well as which equipment would be best for her. So without further ado, let’s check it out!

Illusion Connect Nefir Bio

Name: Nefir Milroy
Age: 25
Birthday: October 31 (Halloween girl?)
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Cup: D
Identity: President and Model
Personality: Proud, cynical
Dislike: Being ignored
Like: Power

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Rarity: SSR
Class: Sorcerer
Energy cost: 18
Faction: Phoenix

Nefir’s skills (max)

Passive: When Nefir sustains fatal damage, grants Death RES to a random ally (except the Leader) for 1 round and transfers this damage to its target. Triggers once per round. Will no longer trigger if there are no other allied partners or summoned present. Grants Nefir a shield with 20% of her Max HP for 1 round.

Unique: Nefir swaps the HP of the ally with the lowest HP% with that of the enemy with the highest HP%, then deals 160% damage to all enemies. Will not swap if the team’s total HP is higher than the enemy’s, but will increase this damage by 20%. Reduces enemy’s Recovery Rate by 30% for 2 rounds.

Special: Deals ATK*160% DMG to a single enemy, and recovers the same amount of HP to self and Leader. Chance to use skill: 30%

Normal attack: Attacks a single enemy and deals ATK*105% damage.

Lens Recharge Stats

  • 3* effect: Increases basic ATK and HP by 10%
  • 4* effect: Increases basic HP by 20% | Unique skill reduces enemy’s Recovery Rate by 30% for 2 rounds
  • 5* effect: Increases basic ATK by 20% | Passive skill grants Nefir a shield with 20% of her Max HP for 1 round
  • 6* effect: Chance to use Special skill +15% | Special skill restores the same amount of HP for Leader

The Best Equipment for Nefir


In my opinion, this is the best equipment for Nefir in Illusion Connect. You want equipment that can help Nefir live a little longer because the longer she lives the more it will benefit your team. Therefore, weapons such as Blood Rain, and Holy Banner are great because they provide utility. Other viable options are Planisphere and Staff of Hope.

For an Armor, I prefer the Scale Mantle (UR), since it’s annoying in PvP (anyone who fought against Fenebeth knows how annoying Curse is), but you can use other options, such as Bloody Shirt and even Bone Cloth (SR) or Nun’s Robe (SR) if you have no other options.

The absolute best boots for Nefir are Witch’s Dance Boots, but if you don’t have them, you can go for Crimson Longboots, even Magic Cushion (SR) or Boots of Praise (SR). Nefir can work with pretty much anything as long as it’s defensive.

When it comes to accessories, Phoenix Eyeglasses are ideal, but Pixie’s Flower Crown, Divine Crystal or Blessing of Sands (SR) are not bad either.

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Nefir’s lore

If you are interested in reading the lore behind Nefir as a character and how she came to be the way she is, you can check out the story below. It is unlocked by increasing your intimacy level with her.

I have to admit, Nefir is a character that not only looks amazing but is extremely fun to play also. However, her lore is rather cliche. Her personality is also very annoying – no wonder her CV is Karen… I mean, check this line. That’s a real Karen right there.

All these aside, she is a unit that you need to consider. Her ability to turn things around in a battle is astonishing, and if you manage to figure out exactly how to deploy her (ideally when the enemy has an edge over you, and your characters are low HP) in every battle, you’ll probably start winning a lot more PvP battles.

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illusion connect banner dating


Dating Nefir is not available at the moment…

Is there anything else you’d like me to cover? Let me know down in the comments section below!

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