Illusion Connect Silver Dragon – Rie Character Guide

Our next Illusion Connect character to receive a guide is one of my personal favorites, Silver Dragon – Rie. She is a beautiful SP character that is durable and deals a truckload of AoE damage (in a column, still counts as AoE). She is the higher version of Rie, retaining some of her basics, such as the Death RES and the massive CC.

Her Awakening makes her even more powerful, and to date, she’s the first and only SP character to receive Awakening. Basically, that Freeze she has will increase Silver Dragon – Rie’s DMG Rate by 15%, stacking up to 3 times, to a total of 45%. That’s insane!

In this article, you can find everything you need to know about Silver Dragon – Rie, as well as which equipment would be best for her. So without further ado, let’s check it out!

Illusion Connect Silver Dragon – Rie Bio

Name: Rie (Silver Dragon)
Age: 21
Birthday: June 11
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Cup: D
Identity: Samurai
Personality: Cold, decisive
Dislike: Diligent, cold, introspective
Like: Powerful

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Rarity: SP
Class: Attack
Energy cost: 17
Faction: Tobunkai

Silver Dragon – Rie’s skills (max)

Passive: When Silver Dragon – Rie joins the battle, gains 2 stacks of Death RES. When she is present, revived enemy partners will be frozen for 15 seconds. This effect can at most activate 2 times during the battle.

Unique: Attacks a column of enemies and deals ATK*335% damage. When the enemy HP is greater than 50%, she will deal an additional ATK*225% true damage. When Silver Dragon – Rie’s HP is lower than 50%, the target is frozen for 15 seconds. Overflow damage from this attack is converted to HP. 40% of the overflow damage is added to the next Unique skill attack. (overflow damage is damage that is rendered ineffective due to the target being dead, invincible, or having Death RES – basically, it is all the extra damage you would otherwise deal)

Special: Attacks a single enemy dealing 180% damage, freezes the target for 15 seconds. Chance to use skill 30%.

Normal attack: Attacks a single enemy and deals ATK*110% damage.

Lens Recharge Stats

  • 3* effect: Increases basic ATK and HP by 10%
  • 4* effect: Increases basic HP by 20% | Unique skill deals ATK*270% (+65%) DMG. When target HP is greater than 50%, Silver Dragon – Rie deals an additional ATK*180% (+45%) true damage. 40% of overflow damage is added to the next Unique Skill as true damage.
  • 5* effect: Increases basic ATK by 20% | Passive skill grants 2 stacks of Death Res when joining battle. Revived enemy partners are frozen for 15 seconds. This effect can at most activate 2 times during battle.
  • 6* effect: Chance to use Special skill +15% | Special skill freezes the target for 15 seconds.
  • Awakening effect: Increases DMG Rate and DMG Res Rate 10% | Unique skill effect: when an enemy unit is frozen, Silver Dragon – Rie gains 15% DMG Rate, stacking up to 3 times.

The Best Equipment for Silver Dragon – Rie


In my opinion, this is the best equipment for Silver Dragon – Rie in Illusion Connect. It’s safe to say that any gear you would use on Kasumi can work on Silver Dragon – Rie as well since her attack has a similar pattern (more or less, it’s a column attack).

For a weapon, I would go for either Dragonhowl or Butterfly Hunter. If you have a premium UR weapon that you like, that could also work decently well I believe, but I have personally not tried any yet.

As an armor, I recommend either Sakura Furisode (UR) if you can place Silver Dragon – Rie behind another character, or you can go for an SSR alternative in Scarlet Cuirass, Butterfly Rattan Shirt or Uniform of Justice. For boots, you want to go either for Scarlet Warboots for some Lifesteal and more ATK, for Falling Butterfly if you want a little bit more tankiness and Rage (although I don’t prefer this one over the others) or for Mordred’s Boots (UR).

The accessory I like the most on Silver Dragon – Rie is the Eternal Spinning Top. However, I think that the Bagua Belt, Morpho Belt, and even Dream Prism will also work great on her, especially if she has some Lifesteal.

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Silver Dragon – Rie’s lore

If you are interested in reading the lore behind Silver Dragon – Rie as a character and how she came to be the way she is, you can check out the story below. It is unlocked by increasing your intimacy level with her.

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illusion connect banner dating


Dating Silver Dragon – Rie is not available at the moment.

Is there anything else you’d like me to cover? Let me know down in the comments section below!

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