Illusion Connect Ten Saints Tournament Guide

In this guide, I’ll explain everything that you need to know about Illusion Connect’s Ten Saints Tournament, from team formation and placement to how to eventually win every battle.

The Ten Saints Tournament is an event that occurs every single day and it is an arena of sorts where players deploy three Partners at a time in a carefully selected team and form a total of 10 teams (per player). The players who will rank in the top 8 will advance to the final stage, where they will play in the knockout stages from which the ultimate champion will emerge.

Event times

The event has two matches every day, and they each start at 19:00 and 21:00 server time (Round 1 and Round 2).

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As the game also explains, there are a set of rules. I’ll write them down as they are presented in-game and break them down.

Each match has 2 stages, the preliminary and the final one. The preliminary one is point-based with 10 rounds of battles, and the 8 players with the highest points will advance to the final stage. The final stage includes 3 knockout rounds, from which 1 champion will emerge.

  • Leaders won’t take part in the battle.
  • Each team can only fight once in the preliminary stage.
  • In the final rounds there will be 3 teams selected and fighting in turns, for each of the 8 players. The team will not change after an encounter, but remain until they are eliminated and then replaced by the next team (of the three). The goal is to be the last one standing.
  • It takes a total of 9 teams to fight in the final stages, or 3 games.

Preliminary Battle

Each fight has 10 games. Wins grant 60 points and losses grant 30 points. Extra points are granted based on the remaining HP of the winner (100 points) and loser (another 100 points). The matching system will automatically queue up the player with another of a similar number of wins.

The top 8 players with the highest score at the end of the Preliminary battle stages (so after the 10 battles) will advance to the Final Battle.

Final Battle

The final battle has a bracket format, and in order to emerge victoriously, you’ll need to carefully plan your team and not deploy them randomly. Synergy matters in this battle, as every player will do their best to come on top.

Victory and failure

  • Defeating all enemies during battle will count as victory.
  • If it appears to end in a draw, then the winner will be decided according to the total HP of all Partners (on both sides), more HP resulting in a win.
  • If the opponent doesn’t arrange the teams, it will be a bye and it’s an automatic win.
  • If both sides have no partners on the battlefield and no team is arranged, then both sides will automatically fail (no winner).

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Understanding the team formation

Each team is limited to 45 Energy, therefore it’s impossible to make specific team compositions. Ideally, you want to of the teams based on this format:

  • 1 front line and 2 damage dealers
  • 1 front line, 1 support (healer) and 1 damage dealer
  • 3 damage dealers

Most often than not it won’t help to try to have 3 defensive units in a team, or three healers since it will end up in a loss.

Synergy is extremely important, and the Zombie Saga Partners (Sakura, Junko Konno, and Ai Mizuno) are probably some of the very few, if not the only ones that have a complete 3-partner synergy and are able to launch their combo attack.

Since the max energy is 45, you can either go for 2 high-cost units (that can actually work), three medium-cost ones, or one high cost, one low cost, and one medium cost in any one team.


The rewards from the Ten Saints Tournament will be sent out via mail if the player is not available to claim them in real-time after each battle. Even players who just score 1 point will be eligible for rewards, so no matter how strong or weak your teams are, make sure you take part in the event because it’ll be worth it.

  • Rank 1: 1000 SEED Badges, 150 Diamonds, 10k Gold and 10k Crystals
  • Rank 2: 900 SEED Badges, 120 Diamonds, 8k Gold and 8k Crystals
  • Rank 3-4: 800 SEED Badges, 100 Diamonds, 7k Gold and 7k Crystals
  • Rank 5-8: 700 SEED Badges, 80 Diamonds, 6k Gold and 6k Crystals
  • Rank 9-16: 600 SEED Badges, 60 Diamonds, 5k Gold and 5k Crystals
  • Rank 17-32: 500 SEED Badges, 50 Diamonds, 5k Gold and 5k Crystals
  • Rank 33-64: 400 SEED Badges, 40 Diamonds, 5k Gold and 5k Crystals
  • Rank 65-128: 360 SEED Badges, 30 Diamonds, 4k Gold and 4k Crystals
  • Rank 129-256: 320 SEED Badges, 25 Diamonds, 4k Gold and 4k Crystals
  • Rank 257-512: 280 SEED Badges, 20 Diamonds, 4k Gold and 4k Crystals
  • Rank 513-1024: 240 SEED Badges, 15 Diamonds, 2k Gold and 2k Crystals
  • Rank 1024-4096: 200 SEED Badges, 10 Diamonds, 2k Gold and 2k Crystals


Here I’ll list some of my tips for winning in Ten Saints Tournament in Illusion Connect. I personally don’t bother much with it, since I mostly log in at a completely different time than this event is available, so I don’t have a lot of tips based on my own experience, but from what I’ve gathered, these could come in handy:

  • Deploy order doesn’t matter, as all three partners will be available on the field at the same time.
  • Order on the 3×3 battlefield matters though, so make sure the tanks are in the front and the damage dealers or supporters behind.
  • Phoebe’s Invulnerability doesn’t work, so it’s wise to use her as a damage dealer and equip her accordingly.
  • Talk about equipment, this is extremely important – don’t send out your partners without equipping them properly ahead of time.
  • Giving the partners equipment with Speed will help, since the team that has the most Speed will cast first (and that can be key in many situations).
  • If you want to win and have some spare time, you can upgrade several Magic Cushions (SR) and give them to the partners who don’t have any good boots – it’ll help increase your Speed ever so little. (this works for Sorcerers, Healers and Spell Partners)

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Team examples

Scroll through the gallery below to check some interesting team examples.

If you want to share your tips on fighting in the Ten Saints Tournament, then leave a comment down below!

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