Revived Witch Ella Guide: Everything You Need to Know

The Dragon Lass, Ella, is the first Revived Witch Doll we’re going to take an in-depth look at. She’s a powerful Destroyer who can be obtained in a couple of ways, one of them being the “premium” one (via Dream Maelstrom – the battle pass). In today’s guide, we are going to check out all the best equipment for her, as well as the best path to upgrade her and which units she has great synergy with.

Ella’s nickname (The Dragon Lass) isn’t random – she can actually shapeshift into a full-fledged fire-spitting dragon who has the ability to deal tons of damage while having above-average defensive stats.

So if you’re curious to learn more about her, let’s skip straight into it, shall we?

General information

Name: Ella | Dragon Lass
Rarity: UR
Element: Saltstone
Type: Destroyer
Tier: S

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The best equipment for Ella

When it comes to the best gear pieces you can give her, then it’s pretty simple – you need to decide whether or not you are playing her as a front-line Doll, in which case you need to look for Enchants that grant either HP or defenses. Ideally, you want one of the following gears on her:

Andvari, Ring of Genesis – This ring is amazing at keeping Ella healthy, and probably the best one you can give her. With this, you can even skip a second Healer and probably add a secondary damage dealer or even the new unit, Metamorphoses.
Fensalir – Either this weapon or the other Legendary is good on Ella since she doesn’t rely necessarily on Order or Chaos Energy. As long as she can auto-attack and use her passive to heal, she will be a beast. I prefer this one for the extra set bonus.
Helius, the Supreme – This or any other Legendary armor with a set bonus will work. I use Cape of the Archmagus, since I don’t have another Legendary armor available. However, I believe any armor will work, and if you want to min-max her stats, then you can go for the one with stats opposed to those that you have upgraded in your skill tree.

Note: To be completely honest, there is no particular equipment that Ella needs in order to be viable. I used Purple gear on her up to the point where I FINALLY got the Legendary gear I wanted for her and did not invest any resources in Gold equipment. I believe that if you’ve invested enough into her skills and have decent A3 units to help her out, then she will be more than okay.

Skills breakdown

Ella’s kit is pretty straightforward – she will deal Physical Damage and reduce the enemy’s ATK and Physical DEF as well as remove their buffs. That’s pretty much all there is. Her secondary skill is her transformation, which increases her max HP and ATK, and it can only be cast once per battle (unlike Goorveig’s).

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The best gifts for Ella

While gifts are not locked or disliked depending on the character, each Doll does have a preference when it comes to specific gifts. Instead of granting the normal amount of Intimacy, if you grant a Doll their favorite gift, they’ll earn double the points.

  • Blue Enchantress (+400 Intimacy)
  • Cactus (+300 Intimacy)
  • Hyacinth (+200 Intimacy)


Part 1:

Though looking cute, she’s a descendant of an ancient tribe, about to celebrate her thousandth year.

She has been traveling around the human world for hundreds of years and thus accumulated much knowledge.

She usually presents herself as a human, not willing to ruin her cute image. Only when she is very angry will she change back to the appearance of a dragon.

Part 2:

She likes playing pranks and observing the funny reactions humans make afterward.

She never complies with any human morality, and does things on her spontaneous whims.

Due to her eccentricity, she has no friends but Nocturna and Metamorphoses, both of whom are also quite strange.

Though strange in different ways, the three of them unexpectedly get along very well.

Part 3:

As a dragon, Ella has survived for thousands of years but she hates people mentioning her age.

Perhaps she has grown accustomed to human society and its vanities regarding age.

Part 4:

She used to live a secluded life with her clan.

When she told her parents that she wanted to leave the Dragon’s Lair to the outside world, her parents were in a rage.

“The outside is dangerous and humans are malicious. They have done anything to catch all ancient clans including us. We will never approve of your leaving.”

Despite her parents’ repeated warnings, Ella still entered the human world out of curiosity.

The bustling streets and the flow of people both made her excited.

She hid her dragon form and changed into a human girl, running to the brand-new world with glee.

Team building tips

Ella is a beast in PvP and as an end-game unit in PvE. She can benefit from any stat, offensive or defensive since she will deal damage and inflict Physical DEF reduction on the enemy based on her own ATK. That’s not all though, she can also reduce her incoming damage passively by just leveling up her Ancient Inheritance skill.

Overall, she is best in a team with a Healer and a Compeller, since all she needs is to stay alive – the rest will be taken care of in due time. I always place Ella in the first spot on the team, and I personally like the following units in her team:

  • Tuonel – hands down, the best pairing ever.
  • Tama – buffs the front row unit.
  • Cynetia – heals and increases the allies’ ATK.
  • Mortimer – not my first pick, but her A Girl’s Prayer works great with Ella.
  • Yothaya – decent alternative for heals and buffs.
  • Witch – with Bloom and Cleansing she can be an okay support for Ella too.

Costume and Ascended form

This would sum up our guide to Ella in Revived Witch! Is there another character that you’re looking forward to learning more about? Leave a comment down below and I’ll do my best to cover it as best as I can!

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