Revived Witch Reset Time

It’s no surprise that many of us have wondered – and some are still wondering – what is the reset time for Revived Witch every single day. In this article, we’re going to elaborate on that and give you all the important details you need in order to help you better prepare for your daily quests reset and possible new gachas.

To kick things off, there is one important aspect that everyone should know when it comes to the game. The developer, Yostar, is the same one that created Arknights – so if you’ve been playing that game, chances are you noticed similarities when it comes to the daily reset time and gacha reset.

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Revived Witch reset time

The game’s reset time is set for 4:00 AM, UTC -7, which translates to:

  • 1:00 PM EET
  • 12:00 PM CET
  • 11:00 AM BST (GMT)
  • 3:00 AM PST
revived witch  commission board

What resets during the daily reset time?

With each daily reset (at 4:00 AM UTC -7 in-game time) there is some content that will reset every time, with some resetting only occasionally. These include the daily missions (Commission Board -> Pray) and sometimes the gacha pool. Whenever there is an event happening in the game, that daily reset time will also signify the daily reset time for the event quests.

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