Illusion Connect Angela Character Guide

The best tank in Illusion Connect, Angela, is the next character we’ll be creating a guide for. Angela is a powerful character that long went unnoticed – at least until she received a dedicated UR weapon and Awakening. She is a beast with unlimited DMG Res Rate and an amazing Skin, and that makes her a must-have for any team.

Angela is a must-have unit into many team compositions right now since her kit makes her not only tanky but also extremely annoying for bringing dead allies back to life every time she appears. So, if you use units such as Spirit Healer (that can revive) or Jason, you can have her summoned time and time again, thus reviving one more ally each time she revives.

In this article, you can find everything you need to know about Angela, as well as which equipment would be best for her. So without further ado, let’s check it out!

Illusion Connect Angela Bio

Name: Angela Dolores
Age: 18
Birthday: October 21
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Cup: C
Identity: Holy Knight
Personality: Determined, strict
Dislike: Elder sister
Like: Elder sister (confused girl?)

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Rarity: SSR
Class: Guardian
Energy cost: 18
Faction: SEED

Angela’s skills (max)

Passive: When Angela appears, 1 dead Ally Partner is revived with 70% HP; Angela also gains a 30% HP Shield

Unique: Angela stops attacking and enters defensive mode. Unable to attack but increases DMG Res Rate (cannot be dispelled) by 80% and taunts the enemy team for 2 rounds and reduces DMG taken by allied partners in a different column from Angela by 35% for 2 rounds.

Special: Attacks a single enemy and deals 162% damage, increasing DMG Res Rate by 15%. Chance to use skill 30%.

Normal attack: Attacks a single enemy and deals ATK*105% damage.

Lens Recharge Stats

  • 3* effect: Increases basic ATK and HP by 10%
  • 4* effect: Increases basic HP by 20% | Unique skill increases DMG Res Rate by 80%
  • 5* effect: Increases basic ATK by 20% | Passive skill gains a shield that equals 30% of HP
  • 6* effect: Chance to use Special skill +15% | Special skill increases DMG Res Rate by 15% after taking action
  • Awakening effect: Increases DMG Rate and DMG Res Rate 10% | Unique skill reduces DMG taken by allies partners in a different column from Angela by 35% for 2 rounds

The Best Equipment for Angela


In my opinion, this is the best equipment for Angela in Illusion Connect. With her unique weapon (St. Durendal) she is a force to be reckoned with, even if you don’t have the other UR equipment to make her tankier. She will still be extremely powerful even if you use simple SSR equipment.

As a weapon, I wouldn’t recommend anything other than St. Durendal (UR). That’s the absolute best for her, and you can get it from the UR exchange or Miracle – DURENDAL – Eternal (last stage).

An absolutely amazing armor for her is the Holy – Paladin (UR), or the Lionheart Armor (UR). As an SSR alternative, you can use her own armor, Azure Armor. For boots, I recommend either Holy – Veillantif (UR) or Celestial Steed (UR), or for SSR alternative you can choose Go.

When it comes to accessories, there are many good options, but I prefer Jeweled Hairband, which is her own accessory. There is a decent UR alternative, but I personally prefer using that one on Jason since he revives ever so often. The name is Holy – Olifant (UR), and it increases the initial Rage of allies revived by her skill. However, Angela will revive allies less often than Jason, therefore I prefer using it on him.

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Angela’s lore

If you are interested in reading the lore behind Angela as a character and how she came to be the way she is, you can check out the story below. It is unlocked by increasing your intimacy level with her.

Did you know Angela is Frantiva’s sister?

Also, Angela is extremely innocent in her belief. She still thinks Frantiva could be saved from Uroboros and that she’s not corrupted by the Nightmares. According to the lore, she was still waiting for Frantiva’s return despite elders trying to find a seventh seat for the 7th Saint position.

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illusion connect banner dating


Pick the following answer when dating Angela:

Scenario 1

  • Answer 2: Everyone will find the meaning of their own life.
  • Answer 1: You can just be yourself.
  • Answer 2: Politician?
  • Answer 1: Why do you say so?
  • Answer 1: It’s my fate, I guess? Or you can say it’s my responsibility, perhabs?

Scenario 2

  • Answer 1: So tell me, what was your childhood like?
  • Answer 1: Was he a human trafficker?
  • Answer 1: But your elder sister stood her ground, didn’t she?
  • Answer 2: Congratulations, then. You’ve made it.
  • Answer 1: It’s not heavy. That’s some beautiful memory from the past.

Scenario 3

  • Answer 2: I feel the flow of some kind of pure energy.
  • Answer 2: It’s cute when you act like that.
  • Answer 2: Think about beautiful things when it’s quiet.
  • Answer 1: Our dreams make us different.
  • Answer 2: I’m happy to listen to you talking about yourself.

Is there anything else you’d like me to cover? Let me know down in the comments section below!

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