Illusion Connect Rem Character Guide

This is a guide for Rem in Illusion Connect, a character that is part of the Re:Zero collab – a limited-time collab that grants players access to three unique characters: Rem, Ram and Emilia.

Rem is a strong Attacker that has a combo skill with Ram, and can deal burst damage using her iron ball. So far, I can tell that building Rage, Crit, Crit DMG and ATK items on her will work great since she launches 5 consecutive attacks and if you manage to restore a lot of Rage with each attack, she will be extremely obnoxious to deal with. Sort of like Campanella.

In this article, you can find everything you need to know about Rem, as well as which equipment would be best for her. So without further ado, let’s check it out!

How to get Rem in Illusion Connect?

Before we dive into the actual Rem character guide, I’m going to do something a little different, and talk about obtaining Rem. If you’re checking this article after the collab is over (January 16 – January 24, 2022) then it’s downright impossible to obtain her. Sadly.

The chances of obtaining her from the Selected Tactic: Maid (Rem Rate Up banner) are fairly low (in the 1%), but people have reported obtaining her fairly quickly, between 3-4 pulls. I personally had to go out of my way and actually charge to get her, and only then I got her from the pity gacha (7x pulls) and with the Dream Giveback (30x Rem Shards twice) I upgraded her 4*. It’s unfortunate, but it’s something I had to do since it’s a character I plan on using and upgrading.

I wish you all the best of luck obtaining her!

Illusion Connect Rem Bio

Name: Rem
Age: 17
Birthday: February 2
Height: 154 cm
Weight: No comment
Cup: No comment
Identity: Maid of Roswaal Mansion
Personality: Feigned politeness, Sharp-tongued on the inside
Dislike: None
Like: Ram, Subaru Natsuki

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Rarity: SSR
Class: Attack
Energy cost: 12
Faction: Mist

Rem’s skills (max)

Passive: Blocks lethal damage 1 time for Rem and restores 1000 Rage, increasing DMG Rate by 50% and Lifesteal Rate by 50% for 20 seconds. This effect can be triggered once per battle.
Lineup skill activation requirement: Have Ram in the lineup.
Activation effect: When 1 of the allied Rem or Ram joins the battle, the other one will join the battle automatically without any deployment cost.

Unique: Strikes an enemy with the iron ball 5 times. Each strike deals Rem’s ATK* 120% damage. If the target is dead, the rest of the strikes will be launched upon the enemies behind or until the strikes are finished or no enemies left in this column.

Special: Attacks a single enemy dealing 160% damage, increasing ATK by 20% for 2 rounds. Chance to use skill 30%.

Normal attack: Attacks a single enemy and deals ATK*105% damage.

Lens Recharge Stats

  • 3* effect: Increases basic ATK and HP by 10%
  • 4* effect: Increases basic HP by 20% | Unique skill increases each attack Rem deals by ATK*100% (+20%)
  • 5* effect: Increases basic ATK by 20% | Passive skill increases DMG Rate and Lifesteal rate by 50%.
  • 6* effect: Chance to use Special skill +15% | Special skill increases ATK by 20% for 2 rounds.

The Best Equipment for Rem


In my opinion, this is the best equipment for Rem in Illusion Connect.
**Note**: I am still trying out various combos, so I will update if/when I find something better!

As a weapon, I believe it depends on your available options since anything that grants Crit and ATK will work great on her. I consider all of the following great choices: Dragonhowl, Nightmare Hunter, Flaming Laughter (UR), but I think Deathless Dance (UR) should be especially good since she launches 5 attacks. I guess it all depends on which units you already have in the lineup, what role Rem will play and whether or not you want her to have some Lifesteal from the weapon or have full damage.

For armor, I would recommend Scarlet Cuirass, Sakura Furisode (UR) or Butterfly Rattan Shirt. As boots, Falling Butterfly will work great toward restoring Rage for her, but Beginner’s Boots (UR) and Scarlet Warboots are the best in my opinion.

Lastly, as an accessory you have a number of options depending on what you need – you can go for Lifesteal, you can go for more damage, or you can try something completely different. All in all, I consider the Swaying Wine Glass the best, but options such as Beginner’s Necklace (UR), Morpho Belt and Hero’s Scarf are great as well.

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Rem’s lore

If you are interested in reading the lore behind Rem as a character and how she came to be the way she is, you can check out the story below. Her lore has only one page, since she is not exactly “part” of the Illusion Connect story.

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illusion connect banner dating


At the moment, dating Rem is not possible (tragic, I know).

Is there anything else you’d like me to cover? Let me know down in the comments section below!

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