Revived Witch Phantom Mirror of Stars Event Guide

The latest (or actually, the first ever) Revived Witch event has just landed, and it’s an event that revolves around stars, the Dragon Lass and many more interesting features the game has to offer. Today we’re going to dive into a complete event guide to help you make the best decisions regarding the game and what to spend your Stars on.

Event time: November 23, 2021 - December 14, 2021

In this event, players have to challenge a number of stages of increasing difficulty in order to collect Stars, the event-exclusive currency that allows players to purchase goods.

The stages will unlock with time, and at the moment the maximum level available is S1-4 (normal difficulty). The Hard Difficulty levels unlock on the 30th of November, so players have one week of playing the Normal stages before being able to dive into the Hard difficulty ones.

Certain Dolls grant more Stars as rewards

For this event, there are 6 Dolls that grant additional Stars when deployed on the team:

  • Nannar: grants +20% Stars
  • Metamorphoses: grants +20% Stars
  • Ella: grants +20% Stars
  • Acheonte: grants +10% Stars
  • Nocturna: grants +10% Stars
  • Witch: grants +10% Stars

Keep in mind that these Dolls can also be deployed on the Backup team – they don’t have to be on the main team to grant the bonus. Using Ella or any other bonus-granting Doll from a friend as aid will sadly not increase this bonus.

Tip: Use as many as you can for clearing the stages – upgrade them if necessary, because you only need to clear the stage once in order to run it on Auto afterwards. Swap out the equipment from the upgraded Dolls if necessary to the Dolls that grant the bonus, for the duration of this event. That will give them a little bit more power if you are having difficulty clearing the stage.

Event rewards

From this event you have to complete the following missions in order to claim the cumulative rewards. The quests are pretty simple, and they will ask you to only collect Stars. You’ll need to collect a total of 3500 Stars to claim the final reward, which is an avatar frame.

The total rewards will grant you:

  • 4 Soul Cryolite
  • 10 Average Mage Quartz
  • 50 Advanced Mage Quartz
  • 30 Iris Feather
  • Phantom Mirror of Stars Avatar Frame

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The Stages – how many Stars can you get?

At the moment, I use 4 Dolls which grant bonus rewards: Ella, Witch, Acheronte and Nocturna – with these, I get 30 Stars by spending 10 Stamina (S1-3) and 60 Stars by spending 20 Stamina (S1-7).

If you have these Dolls, then you will be able to claim around 280 Stars/100 Stamina, or 2800 Stars/1000 Stamina. However, I am not sure if the upcoming stages will grant more Stars or not (probably yes though), so you might want to save up your Stamina and prepare to spam those.

Or, you can try to farm enough to unlock Acheronte and add her to the team for even more Stars/clear.

The normal Stamina spending rate (without the bonus from specific Dolls) looks something like this:
1 Stamina = 2 Stars / 2 Red Stars

By using 4 units that increase the Stamina:
– For the first 3 stages (S1-1, S1-2, S1-3) you will get: 30 Stars / 10 Stamina
– For the next 4 stages (S1-4, S1-5, S1-6, S1-7): 60 Stars / 20 Stamina

The Boss stage S1-8: This stage will give players Souls, as well as a Phantom Mirror of Stars decoration that increases Comfort by 50. This stage won’t give Stars for completing it, so it’s mostly for ranking up – at the moment I am not sure if there are any rank rewards either.

Note: You will have to fight it multiple times, just like the Dreamworld - Evil Returns stages. It starts with Normal 1, then Normal 2, and so on, up to Hard 8. The rewards are one-time only.

We do have some tips regarding the stage from a Reddit post, based on the Chinese event:

Week 1: (Nov 24 – Nov 30)

– Do a 1000 soul summon to build up pity. Nannar is so so but she gives 20% bonus in event which is not bad.

– Rush 1000 yellow star for Acheronte (10% event bonus)

– Do event as much as possible until you clean out the event shop, you can skip furniture, advance quartz and Acheronte soul stone if you want.

– Event stage S-1 to S-6 drop basic and average quartz. S-7 drops basic and average skill pact. Do the one you need since they have the same stamina to star ratio.

– Complete Broken Land between Nov 29 to Nov 30

– Excessive stamina can be invested into equipment dream world, pending on the quartz drop rate from S-1 to S-6.

– Save all stamina flash that expire after week 2, if possible.

Event Redemption Shop

The Redemption Shop is where each player can claim whatever rewards they want in exchange for their Stars. This is where one of the new characters, Acheronte, can be also obtained and fully Evolved.

I would recommend purchasing her for 1000 Stars first and foremost, and then her 3 Soul Stones from the Normal Mode Shop in order to Evolve her. Afterward, once the Hard Mode is unlocked, you can purchase 3 more Acheronte Soul Stones.

These are the rewards currently available, and what you should go for, in order of importance:

Note: You can switch from the Normal Mode Shop to the Hard Mode shop on the bottom left side of the screen, on the red button “Switch”

Normal Mode Shop

  1. Acheronte x1 – 1000 Stars
  2. Acheronte Soul Stone x3 – 1500 Stars (500 Stars/ea)
  3. Soul Cryolite x3 – 150 Stars (50 Stars/ea)
  4. Solid Scale x20 – 500 Stars (25 Stars/ea)
  5. Iris Feather x20 – 500 Stars (25 Stars/ea)
  6. Mana 200k x40 – 800 Stars (20 Stars/each 200k Mana)
  7. Star Wallpaper x1 –20 Stars
  8. Star Floor x1 – 20 Stars
  9. Star & Moon Wall Lamp Set x1 – 30 Stars
  10. Garden Arch x1 – 30 Stars
  11. Starlight Street Lamp x1 – 30 Stars
  12. Small Flower Bed x2 – 20 Stars
  13. Little Floorlamp x2 – 20 Stars
  14. Advanced Mage Quartz x30 – 300 Stars (10 Stars/ea) – you can get these sooner if you want, they are worth the Stamina
  15. Advanced Guardian Quartz x30 – 300 Stars (10 Stars/ea) – you can get these sooner if you want, they are worth the Stamina
  16. Advanced Compeller Quartz x30 – 300 Stars (10 Stars/ea) – you can get these sooner if you want, they are worth the Stamina
  17. Mana 4k 99+ -1 Star/ea – this is the last possible reward you should get, since it’s somewhat of a filler so you won’t waste your Stars after claiming all the other rewards

Total: 5520 Stars

To claim all rewards you need to clear the stage S1-7 with 4 bonus Dolls a total of 92 times (92*20 = 1840 Stamina total)

Hard Mode Shop

  1. Acheronte Soul Stone x3 – 600 Red Stars (200 Red Stars/ea)
  2. Soul Cryolite x3 – 150 Red Stars (50 Red Stars/ea)
  3. Stone of Promise X50 x40 – 400 Red Stars (10 Red Stars/ea)
  4. Elves’ Spawn x20 – 500 Red Stars (25 Red Stars/ea)
  5. Brutal Serum x20 – 500 Red Stars (25 Red Stars/ea)
  6. Solid Scale x20 – 500 Red Stars (25 Red Stars/ea)
  7. Iris Feather x20 – 500 Red Stars (25 Red Stars/ea)
  8. Advanced Destroyer Quartz x30 – 300 Red Stars (10 Red Stars/ea)
  9. Advanced Assassin Quartz x30 – 300 Red Stars (10 Red Stars/ea)
  10. Advanced Healer Quartz x30 – 300 Red Stars (10 Red Stars/ea)
  11. Mana 200k x40 – 800 Red Stars (20 Red Stars/ea)
  12. Garden Bench x2 – 30 Red Stars (15 Red Stars/ea)
  13. Starnight Fountain x1 – 15 Red Stars
  14. Astronomical Telescope x2 – 20 Red Stars (10 Red Stars/ea)
  15. Garden Plans (Left) x2 – 20 Red Stars (10 Red Stars/ea)
  16. Garden Plans (Right) x2 – 20 Red Stars (10 Red Stars/ea)
  17. Advanced Skill Pact x30 – 300 Red Stars (10 Red Stars/ea)
  18. Advanced Runestone x10 – 300 Red Stars (10 Red Stars/ea)

Total: 5555 Red Stars

Note: From here on, it’s up to you what you want and need. I don’t prioritize the Quartz or the Scale/Feather because it’s only one per 10 Stars/25 Stars, and I much rather go for the Mana. The Mana 200k x40 for a total of 800 Stars is super good, even though it’s a little bit expensive.

I would recommend going for the items you need most first. I listed them in order of my preference, but you should go for whatever you need the most based on your progress and team composition. Each item is well worth the Stamina, and you should try to obtain everything.

Should you go for the Doll upgrade materials?

If you want to, go for it – I wouldn’t recommend if it you already have a main team fully upgraded, since they are not items limited to the event and you can farm them anytime in the Dreamworld. However, the decorations are limited and you will need them for the Cottage.

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How to get Red Stars

Red Stars will be available starting with the 30th of November, and you can claim them the same way you would normal Stars. The only difference is you need to clear the levels in the Hard Mode, which unlocks on the 30th of November 2021.

If you’re having a hard time keeping up with the Stamina, we’ve got a Stamina earning/spending guide for you.

Is there anything else you’d like us to cover regarding Revived Witch? Leave a comment down below!

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